80,000 Small Businesses Bankrupt & Hardly Any Coverage

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Small businesses are dying by the thousands and the government isn’t even helping them to survive. Congress has abandoned regular people and small-time capitalists in its scramble to keep big business happy.

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Written by Redacted Tonight


  1. LEE people's are more worried about celebrities gossip than the economy and the political issues, jus walk into any doctors office nobody's hasn't gives a frickin clue about their own health or issues for that matter, half the people's are incredibly obese and stupid so stop worrying, were totally screwed. Hoka hey wasichus.

  2. Reason: "Small"
    Mainstream Media is interested only in the rich mega corporations that receive $billion$ stocks buyback money every week…

  3. I moved to Thailand when the moron in Chief became President. Why do we have such a horrible president and corrupt politicians. I am embarrassed to be an American. You an say I have no right to say anything FU. I paid more taxes in 2018 that I ever paid in my 43 years. Hawaii my home is unaffordable and we have homeless and tent cities all over the island.this is what happens when corporations and for profit over people lives. I despise Corporate America and never want to move back.

  4. Common Lee. Amazon is the main reason Brock and mortar stores are closing down. When government suffocates small businesses with regulations and taxes and let Amazon goes free you get the result. When congressmen are afraid of bad publicity by Washington Post they won’t touch Bezos. That’s how you should cover this issue..

  5. "We could realize our entire economy is based on waste and consumption buying things endlessly then throwing them away so we can buy more…Judging our world via the GDP is like judging a human being only by how much he eats and shits." (Lee Camp)

  6. imagine a Congress vested in a stock market they just gave 4.5 trillion to. and the hedge fund managers telling investors there will be a huge opportunity in the future as they buy up people's homes buisnesses at pennies on the dollar. then ask why we got so little help from government. it's not a problem it was a feature. opportunity so steal every thing. our options are running out America before you loose everything we need thst revolution and take back what was stolen.

  7. Nancy Pelosi must have heard you … she just beautified herself @ her local salon … she obviously decided to help small business and now FOX is condemning her for it 🙂
    The LEFT just can't win lol

  8. LOL so glad I don't waste money in bars, barber shops, flying to some tropical place on vacation, eat in over-priced eateries where your food is made by you don't know who the fuck, waste money spontaneously consuming nick nacks or supporting gambling and sports. TOTAL WASTES of $$'s

  9. Wait are you saying we should demand things from our gov for our vote? that's discusting…. you're a sinner! we need to chant……..Blue no matter who
    Make america great again….
    Blue no mtter who.. it's so much easier to do that…

  10. Save the Economy, buy things for no reason, it's the American Way….. save the House of Cards. This is fact, the humor is optional for me. The full effects of this economy will not be felt until the consequences line-up and decide to go on campaign.

  11. OMG… Are you against small businesses? It's the big box corporate businesses that contribute to consumption, overconsumption, and waste… The small business owners, mom and pop, keep us employed… And the whole plandemic is a farce. It is actually the big corporate plot against the small businesses with their brick-and-mortar stores that were pulling in over 80% of the retail economy. This has nothing to do with health. You should know that… Peace and health

  12. We want JUSTICE!
    “The welfare of the many, matters more than the welfare of the few, or of the one!”
    Remember, all I am doing is showing you the truth.
    If a individual robs a bank, shoots, and kills a teller! They have committed a crime of murder. We won’t to see the same standards applied to our President, our leadership, and the wealthy that rob, and murder we the people on comparably vast scale!
    We the people maintain that justice must be equal to the crimes they have premeditatedly committed.
    A revolution is always a option. Are the top 2% statistically insignificant?
    If for example, if these fascist are no longer allowed to game the system. Their resources can be utilized to save the planet.
    The corporate wars perpetrated by our President’s, and their corporate sanctions, have killed, and displaced millions from their homes, not to mention mass starvation.
    The ecological free fall, will only exacerbated this nightmare.
    Why should these same plague creators get away with our death’s?
    For example;
    Don’t forget, or forgive President Trump, and his comrades, for calling this COVID 19 virus a hoax, and postponing any effort to stop its creep for months.
    These evangelical, racist, have, premeditatedly, allowed this virus to spread across the entire country, and they are a 100% responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people.
    The current estimate of death’s from the COVID 19 Trump Virus is well over a 186,000. One hundred, and eighty six thousand of we the people.
    This estimate is why short of the reality.
    The reason for this is that Trump, and his comrades believe, that if you don’t test for the virus, that if you don’t track those infected, and you don’t count the deaths, no one has the virus, or dies from the virus. Murder, REDRUM?
    It Is exactly the sort of brain lobotomy that we the people are supposed to except, and forget.
    Isn’t this like gas showers in WWII?
    What should be the punishment for Trump, and his comrades?
    Should they be able to leave office with a fat retirement, life time security team, and free healthcare, and we the people pay for all of it?
    These are crimes against humanity, and anyone with common sense, should be screaming for justice.
    Fascist Nancy, and the incumbent Democrat’s are working hand, and hand with Trump to give themselves, and their comrade’s immunity for their crimes. They have also conspired to give away trillions of our dollars to the wealthy, Wall Street, and the Banksters.
    They than will force we the people to pay for it with, socialism for the rich, and capitalism for the poor.
    They find unlimited amounts of our money for themselves, but we the people are too expensive to keep alive.
    My father faught these same idealogical fascist all the way through the South Pacific at the age of fifteen, after Pearl Harbor during WWII. He worked his way up through the Boiler Makers Union to become a Air-Pollution Engineer.
    These fascist are currently crushing what few Union’s are left, and don’t care about air pollution, or global warming.
    They have sold we the people out, so they continue to feed at the corporate trough.
    They are replacing blue collar workers, with their white collar robots that can work twenty four seven, and not pay a penny of taxes. Their is no middle class, any more. It is only rich, or poor.
    They have now taken control with our money.
    Our leaders have militarized our police forces, and have utilized technology to infiltrate, and crush any peaceful protest! They use insider operative’s to insight violence, and than through the use of kettling actions, arrest everyone on mass! This is a classic Israeli tactic, along with the knee on the back of necks of prostrated protesters. This than leaves us with, death, bankruptcy, or prison.
    Vary soon you will see that the fascist will know longer allow a protester access to their bank accounts, or debit cards! The elimination of cash, will be used as another means of control.
    The fascist know that global warming, that they have created, will force the people to rise up, and they have, and are creating a system of control’s to crush it.
    What are we supposed to do?
    Should we just kneel down in chains before our fascist masters?
    Their is a intrenched fascist corporate coup in control of our country, and it is kept in control by a small army of intrenched Kleptocrats from the two fascist corporate parties.
    We must immunize our selves from this fascist plague to save the planet we live on.
    “Fight the powers, Fight the powers that be!” By Public Enemy ❤️??

  13. Nancy the Crypt Keeper again!
    Did you see that the fascist Nancy is still fluffing Trump, his pretend economist, and her republican comrades to keep the government funding in place.
    Nancy never gets anything in return for we the people.
    This Kleptocracy most be aloud to crash. For you Republicans; “Burn Baby Burn!” Nancy is such a fascist Republican in a Democratic cloak.
    Get a grip on reality!
    A complete meltdown is needed.
    The Incumbent Democrats will do nothing to get their faces out of the corporate trough.
    They have sold we the people out.
    Nancy a millionaire fascist, that eats $30. a pint ice cream out of two $40,000. Refrigerator’s, has been working hand, and hand with Trump to bailout out the wealthy, corporations, and Wall-Street to the tune of Trillions of dollars.
    They than gave, the troglodyte little people a thousand dollars to shout their mouths! A peace of cake that they throw down the basement stairs for us to lick off the floor.
    Then we are told to kiss Trump’s obese waz, because his fascist False Idols name is on the check.
    They have allowed the Fascist federal bank too buy up unlimited amounts of junk bonds! Can you even imagine how many trillions of dollars that this has secretly sucked down into Trump’s black hole tail pipe of corporate corruption.
    This has forestalled the needed crash of the system.
    The COVID 19 Trump Virus came at the perfect time for the corporate coup leaders, to bail themselves out! You tell me, was this Gods timing, or was it mans?
    This is a debt that will be placed on we the people’s backs.
    Paid for again with capitalism for the poor, and socialism for the rich.
    Nancy the crypt keeper;
    This is the same game that was played with Obama, and Nancy! Now it is Trump, and Nancy.
    The first alleged stimulus was passed by Nancy and Trump overnight with little Medea coverage, to the tone of 1.4 trillion dollars! Every other stimulus after this, Nancy has been fluffing Trump behind closed doors, and coming out with a evil smile on her face.
    Nancy, tells the reporters to shout your mouth’s look at what the stimulus is going to do, not what it isn’t.
    A translation;
    What that means to the rest of use troglodyte little people, is that they will not use our money to change our lives, or save our lives, while they pull trillions of dollars out our pockets, so these fascist Kleptocrat’s can keep feeding at the fascist corporate trough.
    Add to this, the unlimited amounts of domestic oil Trump buys on our dime, and pumps it back in the ground, or stores it in oil tankers off shore, to keep these entitlement programs for oil oligarchs over flowing.
    We the people can pay for it at the Trump get Pumped gas station, and take it up the tail pipe.
    It has been estimate that they have pulled out of thin air, over seven Trillion dollars so far! Who knows.
    There is no accounting, or real over sight!
    We would love to know ware, and to whom this black hole of debt is going. We the people, will be left holding the bill, after the feast, and the two corporate parties will be running out the door pointing fingers at each other laughing at how gullible we are.
    The corporations, and Wall Street, will suck up trillions in stimulus cash, and than declare bankruptcy.
    It has been reported that they have already given more than 4.5 trillion to prop up the stock market! Trump thinks that this is what real work is! Have you noticed that you don’t see any more market swings? This is the reason why. Remember, that the bobble is ready to burst, and it will, just as soon as the fascist feeding frenzy stops!
    A stock exchange should never be considered part of a country’s economy! It most be recognized, and eliminated for the fascist plague that it is.
    The CEO’s will increase their stock options, and they will never hire back the workers that they have fired.
    The heads of the fascist corporations will still receive millions in bonuses, and ride their golden parachutes, out of their private jets, to a Mediterranean Paradise, while we die from the COVID 19 Trump Virus.
    What are the troglodyte little people getting out of this nightmare;
    Can you even think past your check with the emperors name on it?
    What do we the people get, after Nancy has sold us out to Trump, and their comrades?
    You get to die from the COVID 19 Trump Virus.
    You get;
    No justice for the deaths of we the people! No bailout of we the people, no job’s, no retirement, no saving the United States post office, no elimination of student debt that is 1.5 trillion dollars, no free college education, no universal health care, no saving Social Security, and no real money that is needed to fight the pandemic.
    Don’t ever forget, or forgive that these fascist can pull trillions of dollars out of we the people’s hat, at the blink of an eye, and we are left with poo.
    They find unlimited amounts of cash for themselves, but we are too expensive to keep alive.
    The public speaking game;
    Nancy has given Trump everything he wanted, and now they have no incentive to do anything for we the people.
    Trump says Nancy is trying to bankrupt the country, and Nancy says Trump doesn’t care about giving poor people like her anything.
    These two fascist, are humpping the same Camel.
    They are all drinking Champaign, at stock sales before the crash, and the buy back, before the bailout. No insider trading! Right.
    Have you seen any prosecutions for these insider trading crimes committed by members of our government, and their families?
    Non of these fascist will be held legally responsible for our death’s, or their crimes.
    Thank you Obama;
    For fascism for the rich, payed for with capitalism for the poor.
    “Democrats should all come together to defeat Trump!” Why?
    So we can have “the change we can all believe in,” this time, not like last time! This time, Obama says will be different! If you don’t believe Obama this time, you can elect his daughter as President, and make him, or his wife Vice President, or Supreme Court Judges! After all, like Trump, Obama, and his wife know how to use the Constitution for toilet paper! Who better too be on the Supreme Court.
    Like Trump, we Democrat’s have learned our lesson’s! We will give you everything Burnie has promised, and more! After all, you troglodyte little people know we are less destructive than Trump, so you have NO other choice, but to vote for our new savior Kamala, and Biden.
    Obama; “The change we all can believe in!” “We should look to the future not the past, and They really did not do anything wrong!” Obama let all the Wall Street, and Banksters off the hook, and paid for it with capitalism for the poor, and socialism for the rich just like Trump.
    Obama wasted eight years of our lives, and paved a yellow brick road for Trump to Uozz his way into the White House, so he can fill the swamp till it is overflowing. Remember the bull poo that Trump, this pretend billionaire was going to drain the swamp. Remember the two billion dollars in loans to Trump, and his family from the German banks, that were underwritten by the Russian’s. What a deal to purchase the United States President, and Republican Government!
    How would you like a two billion dollar loan that you don’t have to pay back, or pay taxes on, and this was given to the Trumps after they were declared insolvent by American banks. Can you smell that swamp?
    Obama, and the DNC, and their Supper Delegates are responsible for this fascist clown sitting in the Oval Office.
    Have you forgotten Clinton, Bills wife with her millions of dollars in speaking fees from the banks! This was the pair that deregulated the banks in the first place. Republicans in a Democratic cloaks!
    These same fascist incumbent Kleptocrat Democrat’s are going to give Trump four more years in office by ramming anther lesser of two evils candidate down our throats.
    Can you believe they are pushing Biden. Another republican in a Democratic cloak!
    Me too movement;
    Remember Warren playing her Trump card at the debates, and stabbing Burnie in the back! Now she is so into Biden.
    What about all you other, so called me too feminist politicians, that were cozying up to Biden, or more to the fact, cozying up to his wife, to try, and be Vice President! Two Faced, full of poo.
    You Ended Burnie’s campaign for this man! Why should we the little people vote for you?
    In the end Trump, and his comrades will will say that we have the strongest economy in the world! This will be somewhat true! If you start with less than nothing, the only way is up! Right?
    This poo storm is all really happening, but it seems like a right wing comic book on how to kill the planet.
    Marvel comics should start a new franchise with this poo.
    The two fascist corporate parties Kleptocrats will be happy no matter witch one of these fascist clown’s sits on the throne.
    I wish we the people would “Cry havoc, and let slip the dog’s of war!”
    Only in a system this corrupt can you imagine this game as being possible to pull off, without some kind of bloody revolution.
    ”Fight the powers, Fight the powers that be! By Public Enemy.

  14. Most corporate media in the USA are controlled by six big corporations. The so-called news in the USA is only what will not threaten the status quo.

  15. How about we crowdsource ideas, democratise it with up voting and then present them to the politicians with the message that they have to earn our votes?
    Giving failed small business that demonstrate viability prior to covid could get interest lite loans and a tax free year to allow them to return to the market with their job opportunities and value to the community?

    I’m just spitballing, and no expert but I bet there are some small business owners that can help their peers with amazing ideas. .
    Government only listens to the companies who can afford lobbyists, unless we want no choice but them we have to encourage our own solutions