80,000 Stranded On Vacation China’s Top Tourist Destination On Lockdown | China Insider | Trailer

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China’s latest draconian lockdown hits Hainan Province, stranding 80,000 people on vacation. In the vacation town of Sanya, tourists are paying thousands of dollars out-of-pocket for a “forced lockdown order.” Plus, I speak with Gordon Chang about the latest in the U.S.–China match over Taiwan.

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80,000 Stranded On Vacation China’s Top Tourist Destination On Lockdown | China Insider | Trailer
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  1. Fear mongering is not truth. It’s your ego projecting your truth. We See the BS and we know not to believe it. Sri Lanka is an example of what the west will see. Not to mention the normies waking up to vaccines injuries…. No one is safe from them.

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