800k Migrant Families SURGE the US Border as Officials WARN People Aren’t Being Vetted

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DHS and ICE officials WARN of UNPRECEDENTED amounts of illegal migrant families coming into the United States without proper vetting. This could lead to many traffickers, predators and potential terror threats slipping through the cracks. How Joe Biden and the Democrats have failed us all. #Biden #BorderPatrol #BorderCrisis


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Written by MR. OBVIOUS


  1. It makes me wonder, "If not this, then what greater social or economic disasters is the United States going to suffer down the line before a substantial number of its citizens realize that a grand mistake has been made, and the only way to fix this mess is to forcibly remove the responsible individuals from their positions of power?"

    That last bit may be controversial, but it's the same thoughts that ran through the minds of the lefties when Trump was in office.

  2. Welcome to European scenario 101, media/politics are using the same tactic they learn form EU, just lie about migrants and portrait them as poor souls escaping from war

  3. There was a part in the movie american x where Derek says these people are not here to embrace america they are here to exploit it. Its not supposed to be a part to make the character look good but you know…

  4. Obivously they don't want smart people to enter our countries. Modern western socienty isn't obedient enough anymore so it needs to be replaced with uneducated people. Religious people preferably. Doesn't really matter what religion. Even the pope would pray to Allah if that means he can keep his position of power and privilege.

  5. All gunna vote dem so the border remains open, this is the same as buying votes with the promise of a 2000 dollar check… Oh wait they all ready did that. Its sad to watch you guys in the states go through what Trudeau has done to us, it only gets worse unfortunately

  6. the ones trying to take our guns away claiming no one needs guns and borders dont need walls have literally surrounded themselves with guns and walls

  7. When we take the smarter people from an poverty stricken country, it in turn raises the poverty level. This Is true with legal immigration as well, I saw a video on Ted talks about it. Very interesting.
    This is because the ones who can legally immigrate to America from an impoverished country are typically educated and skilled etc.

  8. The southwest USA is in a major drought year. I wonder what the water bill is for 800K illegal aliens per day? The democrats will blame climate change when some county runs out of water instead of the increase in population from illegal immigration.