8:46 – Dave Chappelle

From Dave: “Normally I wouldn’t show you something so unrefined, I hope you understand.”

This is not a Special but rather an impromptu purging of feelings and thoughts delivered by Dave during his show in Ohio on June 6, 2020.

Dave is not interested in monetizing any content related to George Floyd’s death. Instead, he encourages you to join him in support of the Equal Justice Initiative and the protection of human rights. For more information on the EJI or to make a donation please go to


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  1. Initially I got angered after listening to Dave talk about about George Floyd. After finding out the full story about the shooting, I back to Laughing again. But this time its at Dave Chapelle

  2. Dave is the kind of guy who speaks out for everyone. Even though he acknowledges he’s Dave Chappelle and he’s famous he still talks to us like we are people and not an audience. He tells us to speak our minds even if it’s wrong. Even if writing this on YouTube now probably won’t matter in the grand scheme of things, however it shouldn’t stop us to say what we want and encourage others to point out these atrocities that those Cops did to that poor man and many folks that suffered.
    George like Rodney king, like Martin Luther king, John and Jack Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln were all killed and beaten down by a broken system and People. Despite all this people like Dave still challenges us to keep an open mind and look at what at what’s what and you speak our minds against that same broken system that’s always existed.

  3. JFK hired the 1st ever black secret service agent I'm pretty sure he was at the WH a whole lot… note for all those who giggle about covering up the JFK RFK assassinations & blaming oswald… no one cared when they set that man up so that he could not appear before the warren Commission… 2 of the supposed 'witnesses' against him were two drug dealers he had busted when he was undercover on the streets as a highly decorated cop that made him the guy RFK recommended & his brother JFK said amen to… funny no one seems to care about him at all

  4. He looks so frustrated and tired. For sure he has many many reasons for being.
    It looks like nothing change even after all of his work. Sad

  5. Hey, Dave–How did it go the last time you resisted arrest? Can you give us your personal perspective? I noticed the Portland murder suspect, Michael Reinoehl, was killed by police last night. He was resisting arrest, just like George Floyd….but he wasn't black, like George Floyd. Is it possible that resisting arrest is more likely to lead to death by cop than being black? Do ya think?????

  6. I fully agree with everything here but I am confused:
    According to what Dave said, that former police officer killed his own daughter?! It sounded like Dave was trying to defend that guy, if so, what the hell?!

  7. Really questioning Dave at this point when he is talking crazy shit about Candace Owens, one of the only voices of reason these days and a black person who is truly addressing the issues that are most important and impactful for the black community. I wonder how he got brainwashed to think something so ludicrous and against himself and his own people ?

  8. I want Dr. King to know that I didn’t come to Selma to make his job difficult. I really did come thinking I could make it easier. If the white people realize what the alternative is, perhaps they will be more willing to hear Dr. King. -Malcom X

  9. I started crying as Dave said when George called for his mother he knew he was going to die. When I was finally able to watch that video the day after George was murdered, that was the moment i too knew without a doubt, that he knew he was going to die. It broke me. That putrid criminal murdering cop MUST have also known. It utterly breaks me that any human can be so evil. Yet so many people did nothing that day. I swear to God I would have dived at that cop even if he shot me. How could you NOT! DEAR GOD CHANGE THE HEARTS AND LAWS OF A PEOPLE AND LAND THAT CAN EVER BEHAVE IN THIS WAY.

  10. Can’t even listen to comedy anymore all assholes. Stick to what you get paid to do and I love your work gets me away from all the shit happening. Thanks to you and all you overly paid idiots. Hopefully Trump puts a tax on all of you just to stick it in like you all stuck it in him.

  11. I used to think this guy as an intelligent person….now i find out This guy is not a goat but a sheep…he is invoving himself in dividing America

  12. Always was a huge Chappelle fan but this honestly turned me off of him after all my favorite comedic shows this was just horrible and political as shit he left from the Illuminati only to be there puppet….unreal

  13. Well… you lost one fan dickhead. Just stick to comedy. I'm pretty sure you look in the mirror after what you said here and you're not real proud. That's on you. Have a nice day. ??‍♂️