93 seconds of Justin Trudeau destroying Canada

Written by Viva CLIPS!


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  1. Most of Canada's military veterans would like to take Justin out behind the shed and lay a good "whooping" on his ass.

    When he returns to consciousness…hopefully, they'll be explaining that "alien" concept of FREEDOM, to him.🤔

  2. Ah yes Trudeau the far left fascist who's determined to escalate the war in Ukraine to world war, now on the CBC we learn about nuclear emergency preparations being taken here on Canadian soil, but the CBC has no concern about the escalating actions Trudeau and regime have engaged in. You'd swear the CBC will come out cheerleading for nuclear war as long as Trudeau orders it, actually they probably want it regardless, don't they call the unvaxxed disgusting and want to put them in work camps to build them stuff?

  3. I just threw up in my mouth thanks viva you should put a better warning label on that video
    May ruin your appetite and destroy your bank account or something like that

  4. There could be a 10 hour compilation of Justin Trudeau destroying Canada, and it would only cover his first year in Parliament

  5. That french TV show is the bottom of the barrel for society. Same show that had kids on saying unvxed should be arrested. The parents sat there like vacuous sheeple, wide-eyed and oblivious.

  6. I can't believe he said that the unvaccinated are racist and misogynists and that we should not tolerate them and they take up space. It is so messed up that he could say this on TV comfortably and get away with it.

  7. I am still waiting to hear if Trudeau made 70 million profit from his investments in the the vaccines he pushed. This is a conflict of interest to say the least. At no point did any of the vaccines say they were safe in the long term. What are the long term effects? That is still questionable as all companies still say "pending" because they don't know. He didn't even get a Pfizer or Moderna vax, he used the Jensen & Jensen and even that is questionable if you watch the videos his vaccine and booster are done by the same person. Can anyone say "fraud"? He's riddled with controversy. He and his family have profited from WE, foreign investors and now possibly from the vaccine companies. Conflict of interest? When does it end? When will he be put in jail for his corruption? Where are our outstanding law enforcement when it comes to our PM? He contributes to non-profit organizations with Canadian's money than profits from is "contribution". Almost like money laundering. We'll send you this and you give me this back. WEF wanted our government to use COVID as an advantage and the "Lie-brals" didn't waste it at all. We shut down the country essentially for 2 years but our carbon emissions still rose. Is it just another lie?

    The joke that 80% chose to be vaxed is one of the biggest lies. I don't believe everyone did it because they wanted it. How many were forced to keep their jobs? How many elderly weren't given a choice or were unable to choose for themselves? How many children were forced by their parents? How many people were coerced by friends and family because they believed Trudeau lies? It is more and more apparent when people are not so will to get boosters that a large chunk only did it because they had to not because they wanted to. Saying "80% chose to get vaccinated" is another spin of the facts if you can believe any numbers actually given by this government. Trudeau is either not very good with numbers or flat out is lying about them to begin with since he never, "conveniently", knows anything about it.

    Green agenda is grossly funded by WEF and Russians (both Nazi-like organizations) that are looking for power not to save the world. 30 years ago we were going to freeze and when that didn't happen, we are going to burn. Which is it? The science isn't too stable there either. Our government is under foreign control. The world looks pretty green for a world that is going to be destroyed by 2030. I am not saying pollution is not an issue but the elite who fly around burning enough gas to power a city in a month is pretty hypocritical since they are the promoters of the Green agenda. If Trudeau is so concerned about carbon emissions why didn't he limit his personal travel by having a home closer to Ottawa for his terms instead of costing the equivalence of about 100 vehicles in gas to fly home regularly? Hypocrisy knows no bounds. The actors are not as good as they use to be. I am tired of suffering so the big wigs and elites can waste as they want.

    Another question if anyone has the answer: If water is what helps to cool the world and regulate temperatures, why are billions of bottled litres sitting in warehouses of companies like Nestle's? The government has been closing or selling all our natural springs so people have to buy water instead of being able to go get our own. If it is sitting in warehouses it does nothing for our environment. The water underground cools the planet but they pump it out by the gallons. Who is causing global warming? If they stopped allowing millions of acre's of trees to be removed carbon emissions would not be so bad since that is what trees and plants do, exchange carbon for oxygen. The Green agenda is becoming an oxymoron solution for something that could have be avoided if they just protected our green spaces and our water to begin with.

    Does anyone remember what it is like to have a government that is interested in helping their country and people, not just profiting from them?

  8. The most hated man in Canada. Except in the Greater Toronto Area , and a good part of Montreal. Voters , by the numbers in these two big cities worship this evil moron and the Liberal party.
    And that determines the election in the whole country. So thanks to Toronto, the whole country suffers.

  9. The shameless talk of a divisive and destructive leader.

    "When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; but when the wicked rule, the people groan." Proverbs 29:2

  10. Trudeau; mascot of everything that is wrong with the world.He is at the forefront of encouraging every degenerate,radical, gimmicks of tokenism to attempts at creating a culture of politically correct absurdities. Inhale the stench of his hypocrisy & corruption

  11. It's amazing that an elite like Justin Trudeau can tell working class people that he has zero contact with in his everyday existence ,who represents our values. He has not a single clue what working class people's values are. If he did he would stop the attacks on our health and families well being.He would stop trying to make it impossible for us to fuel our cars and heat our homes. He has attacked us at our dinner tables by making food impossibly expensive. Every time Justin puts the carbon tax up he takes the food off our tables and the clothes off our families backs. This man is so far out of touch with the average Canadian that he might as well live on the other side of the globe.

  12. That last interview was interesting to me. He’s pretty damn bold in Using French, compared to his very careful words in English… 🤔🤔🤔

  13. Unacceptable views – for who? Where is this fringe minority? Last time I looked it was majority. Parle pas de science! Tu en sais rien!

  14. Odd isn't it. He can go to ukraine that is 13% vaccinated to attend concert with his children and none of them wear masks. Then return to canada and not quarantine and right back into house of commons with a mask sometimes(a little when camera's on) just shows how manipulative he is

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