A Biden Presidency Will Be INTERESTING, The LEFT Can’t Make Any Fun Of Him

Tim and Lydia host guests Seamus Coughlin (@Seamus_Coughlin on Twitter, @FreedomToons on YouTube) and Drew Hernandez (@LivesMatterShow on Twitter, @LivesMatterOfficial on Instagram) to discuss things that will make a Biden presidency so different from a Trump presidency.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. You no what will make a lot of $ .. joe biden toilet seat covers..the paper ones you use to keep your bum from touching the seat.. I bet a joe biden pinata would sell good as well . ?

  2. Tim's an idiot. The media was being financed by Dems with tax payer money. Trump ended that. Biden will bring that back ASAP. GUARANTEED. And that's why the media hates Trump so much.

  3. 9:15 AFTER their illegitimate puppet Biden was even allowed to run in the first place, do we really think that the second half of he uniparty, that is Republicans, by managing to disqualify Biden then, that will be a "victory" for the people?
    No, by then, that will be EXACTLY what the uniparty will want, an excuse to take out the placeholder Biden out "lawfully", without having to Seth Rich him.

  4. Had a dream about this the other night: if Biden wins and shuts down the economy and issues stay at home warnings via executive order, people will lose their jobs AGAIN at a RAPID rate, the Republican controlled Senate WONT pass a stimulus bill big enough to satisfy the left, and there will be outrage. And it will be the Republican's fault, according to the Dems. Look how long Nancy has been able to drag out this second stimulus package that they still have yet to pass. I don't doubt that they'll try and keep stuff shut down for the majority of the next two years until the next senate races. Then the Dems will say, look, our country is in ruins, and it's all the REPUBLICAN'S fault for not giving you enough money when we shut down the economy and made you stay home for 15 more months. Now give us the Senate!!! Ugh….please just let this comment fade away and never become relevant….

  5. well think about it this way

    If/when Biden wins

    The Middle east peace deals will likely fail

    NK will harass SK again

    And people realise that living with leftists in government isn' t as great as it may sound…

  6. 4 years of Biden will be like reverse Trump media effect. The small conservatives and liberals will make fun of Biden and it will be funnier than the media's hot takes.

  7. i wonder what John Oliver and friends will do when they can't orange-man-bad every 5 seconds anymore and just start to slide into complete irrelevancy

  8. They will need someone to project all the evil in the world on. Right now Trump is that person, but if Biden becomes president then someone else needs to become the new projection. See the left doesn't take any responsibility for anything, so it must have a bad guy to fight. We are in no major war and Trump looks like he is going to loose.

  9. If Biden wins, everything will crumble and in 4 years we will hear the same quote "It was not real socialism/communism "so lets get 4 more years now of true socialsm/communism from the left. The US 2020 election show how corrupt the power hungry politicians are everywhere (mostly socialist/communists) and once in power they will do everything do stay in power.. Vote for the true dictactors, racists & fascist and be prepared for "head down, ass up"..