A Brief History Of Media Bias – One Minute To Midnight Episode 22

The news shapes how we perceive the world, and our place in it. It also informs the way we think. Presented here is a concise history of media bias.

Although preceded by single event news publications and booklets, usually focused on single subjects, the printing press and appetite for information culminated in the birth of the newspaper, the first of which was Relation aller Fuernemmen und gedenckwürdigen Historien (“Collection of all distinguished and memorable news”) in Strasbourg in 1605.

Previously the type of message board news preceeded by Roman Actas had usually been concise, factual, an employed neutral language, with printed information that aimed to persuade confined to pamphlets.

In England, since the emergence of the printing industry, distribution of news and printed information have been heavily controlled and censored by the government, but in 1641, a year before the nation was lunged into civil war, The Court of High Commission and the Star Chamber, a court closely tied to the King and often used to suppress opposition, were abolished by the Long Parliament, meaning that people suddenly became far less restricted in what they could print. With the civil war came propaganda, with titles such as The Parliament Scout reporting stories with a distinct political bias, its articles often written in the hope of casting the parliamentarians in a positive light, and the Royalists in a negative one, going head-to-head with its political opposite Mercurius Aulicus.

Of course almost all printed information before this had been biased in some way…

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  1. Great vid. FYI, needs a fact-checking organization watching it. From my biased perspective, they might as well be MSNBC by another name. I would love a new organization that tries hard to present all sides in every issue as those sides would present their arguments. Sadly, everything is opinion journalism now, and even worse, the public likes it that way. I'm in the minority.

  2. One of the main selling points of mainstream journalism is the promise of professionalism. When you have large news outlets, like MSNBC, NBC, Fox News, and CNN being caught fabricating narratives then you have to wonder why trust them over some random blogger?

  3. the problem is that left-wing liberals and socialists have monopolized the mainstream media and weaponized it as propaganda in their crusade against the right.

  4. Too many racial lies for many years. Real white live in China and Korea. Europeans are pink. Native Americans are Asian by race not Indians. Middle Eastern are genetically closer to European but named Asian by media. Media is false racist. The genetic difference between individuals inside each race is more that in between races. why is race such a big deal by Media and governments?

  5. The problem of bias stems from the need to present the news within a narrative. A thing happened today is boring. A thing happened today, possibly because of X, Y and Z, is titilating. The earthquake killed people is dull. The earthquake killed people including members of this family who we are now interviewing is emotionally compelling.

  6. Nothing wrong with bias as long as you're upfront about your bias. People hate alex jones but at the end of the day the average viewer knows where he stands. The people who are most insidious are those who pretend to be impartial hard news while they taint their news with bias. A perfect example is Chuck Todd. he always pretends to be a none bias guy but in reality his wife is a democrat operative and he worked on the democrat senator Harkins campaign in the 90s or 80s before getting into news. Even George Stefonopiliousjsldjf or however the hell you spell his name also presents to be a straight news guy but was one of bill clintions top advisors. Thats what i can't stand.

  7. yo georg i wrote a thesis in college about the second Moroccan crisis and the influence of the british (mostly english) press. great to see stuff like this, would love to see more shit about pre wwi buildup

  8. The more I dinge Georg videos, the more I see how on point he was on A LOT of stuffs before they start to explode like they are right now.