A chilling development in Brazil.

Who decides what’s “disinformation”?

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  1. Brazil (Bostil) is heading towards a gorge and the Abyss is just ahead. The State is totally suffocating, the left mass is like the majority in the State, the Private Initiative is less valued than the Public.

    The future of Brazil will be dramatic. Here 40% of the population is completely dominated by their imaginary enemies where they approach the discussion of Races and ridiculous subjects fiercely.

    I learned a lot from both sides. I watched and judged from an unbiased perspective and came to the conclusion that Russia and China are just a necessary evil. For the West needs no help to be Destroyed, this role we do very well alone. Brazil has 3 generations dominated by idiots who were brainwashed

  2. It's not the deep state, we are not that sophisticated. It's a bunch of crooks who are doing this right under everyone's noses with the support of the news networks.

  3. EXACTLY! And it's only the tip of the iceberg of all the absurd illegalities that are happening here CAUSED BY OUR OWN JUDICIARY. Please make this known, so that the lies our rotten media tells about it don't be trusted.

  4. The Global Fascist Elite (NWO, one world government) are building their gauntlet to overthrow the whole world! They will condemn the global populace, and persecute the Christians! The bible predicted all this and I've preached this would all come for over 40 yrs! (Nobody believed me, they thought I was nuts!)

  5. Everything you said is true and accurate. They tried several coups against Bolsonaro since he was elected because the judiciary and legislative houses are controlled by the leftists. They will fail again, again and again because the people supports him. God bless Bolsonaro.

  6. I am brazilian, and lived for some time in the US. I can say that everything that the left do in south america is directly imported from the US. election fraud may be one of those things.

  7. I'm Brazilian and I can tell that the situation with our judiciary system here is much worse than that. The Brazilian Supreme Court ministers openly attack the president and his supporters. Most of them (9 out of 11) we're appointed by our former kleptocratic far-left president Lula (who is again a candidate with major support from the mainstream) and they are supporting him again and doing everything in their power to oust Bolsonaro and elect Lula again. Thank you Paul for sharing the real situation there, hope you all here in chat help to share it too across the world and maybe something will change. If this continues they will steal the election and make Lula president again, what would be a disaster for our country. Pray for Us.

  8. "THEY" best enjoy it while able bc it's about 1 min.til midnight.when the clock strikes 12 "THEY"LL be singin' Bob Seger's"Fire Lake" as they all get lined up and brought down to kiss my feet on their way to their eternal damnation..

  9. The Brazilian supreme court is made 11 judges, and every president can change two, bolsonaro the "conservative" has put in the supreme court two left wing judges that are friends with the others corrupts judges already in charge.

    Bolsonaro is just corrupt. and is just using the conservative banner because the left dont want him.

    His sons where saved by the same supreme court that stop a legal investigation of corruption deep in his own family.

    Yes the Supreme court is corrupt but bolsonaro is part of this system and don't let him fool you.

  10. I am Brazilian, and I warn you (especially if you live in the developed world and think "It could not happen here". I've lived in the first-world for a few years and it 100% it can happen there too):

    World-wide the Judiciary branch of a lot of countries are being systematically subverted by both grassroots and coordinated radical leftist activism with this end (of destroying electoral processes and the viability of 'liberal' democracies), – and they do it starting from the TOP or near the top (Supreme Courts, Federal level). Look up Herbert Marcuse's concept of "Repressive Tolerance" from the School of Frankfurt in the 1960's. This is 100% true and there is so much more happening! Similar maneuvers have happened or are happening in many Latin American countries as well. Bolivia had an even worse scenario, Colombia's "Supreme Court" situation is also crazy (power-grab wise). This is why some democrats want to "stuff the Supreme Court" in America. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR JUDICIARY SYSTEMS.

    The authoritarian left is making key, unsustainably dictatorial moves throughout justice systems everywhere. This time it's different. It's an order of magnitude a greater attack on democracy than it has ever been in the past decades. We have to find a way out, I would not be surprised if Bolsonaro actually moved to depose our Supreme Court and Brazil was saddled with Russia-style sanctions in 2023. Crazy times coming for all of us in the West and the peripheral West. Best of luck, whatever your country is. Your turn to fight something like this WILL come, be prepared with knowledge and you know what.

  11. "The state" across so many countries has already completely lost confidence from the people in it's ability to lead. We still won't believe their lies even if there's nothing else on offer at this point. They are trying to close the stable door long after the horse has bolted. They got greedy and complacent and played their hand too fast. Thankfully most of these idiots will be in their grave long before their agenda is activated but I guess at least for them they won't be around to see it FAIL.

  12. That is only the tip of the iceberg Paul. The machines and computers they use to count the votes they are not auditable by any means… there is no printed votes to recount and audit the election

  13. I am brazilian and trust me our democrasy is on risk of exctition and the socialist party talk every single day in media regulation if you have a brain you know what it means if they win this election our country will find his end like our friends venezuela argentina cuba chile and other country arround us our only hope is bolsonaro the wolrd need to kow what is going on here before be too late to do something

  14. It seems to go beyond the left-right dichotomy. While the face of the deep state is liberal, there are sly conservatives on board, especially if they see a gain in how a one-world dictatorship will evolve. Trump, for instance, definitely had a hand in Operation Warpspeed, and the introduction of the CARES act, which transferred wealth to the corporations. Bear in mind that Trump was once very close to the Clintons.

  15. Funny how in Canada the supreme court ruled its legal for a politician is allowed to lie to get elected, it was a lying liberal and a majority liberal court appointed by liberals and the judges in canada donate the maximum allowable to the liberal party.

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