A Concise Biography Of Donald Trump – One Minute To Midnight Episode 20

Donald Trump is the Republican Party´s nominee for the 2016 US presidential election. But even less than a year ago it seemed most respected analysts doubted Trump´s ability even to make into the final three Republican candidates. That may have partly been due to confusion about Trump’s real intentions. Many believed his candidacy was a publicity stunt, or a token gesture.

Here is presented a brief biography which intends to disclose key facts about Trump without making a political statement.


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  1. When he said he was worth $200 million, that was his fathers money, he lied to the WSJ or Forbes or whoever it was. His actual worth at that time was around $5 million. He sued a writer for saying he was not a billionaire, and lost in court. Says a lot about the man that he is so thin skinned that he has to take people to court for saying he`s not as rich as he claims he is. Petty, vindictive and cruel, pretty much sums him up.

  2. Dont worry its 2019 everyone and President Trump is doing great.
    Lower taxes
    Low unemployment
    No new wars
    Smokin hot first lady
    Huge GDP growth
    Best President of my life. Screw the haters.

  3. On the point of campaign funding, it is integral to include that mainstream media had given Trump an estimated 3 billion dollars in free airtime, far more coverage than was given to any other candidate. Sanders was effectively black listed from mainstream media.

  4. here fixed it for you, Trump was born drumpf and was rich, due to criminal activities by Daddy trump and himself, he is now even richer, fatter and more delusioned than ever before… the end.

  5. It is absurd to say that Trump has no direction politically, you can go back and listen to interviews he's given on various TV talk shows over the years including Donahue Oprah Winfrey and David Letterman etc. he has been consistent on his political views for over 35 years!
    Then you use a clip of MS NBC "totally fake news" to back up what you're saying, and it's in regards to something so unimportant that it's laughable.