A Conversation with Gina Carano | Gina Discusses The Media Running A Smear Campaign Against Her


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Written by Drunk 3PO


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  1. She is so down to earth it's amazing, And i loved Exctraction, it was a good movie, the black dress was a good fit for her character

  2. Conversation is a two-way street. When one side only wants to demonize the other there can be no conversation, only verbal abuse, unfortunately.

  3. Gina is so beautiful, classy, sweet, and just overall kind of glows like an angel with her friendly, not dead inside from selling out eyes, and general love she seems to inject in everything- even seemingly for folks who wronged her.

    Disney is crazy for having fired her- she’s no Disney Princess as she may as well already be their queen in how she holds herself, treats the fans, and generally just seems like a super sweet and real person- all while being so damn multitalented.

    She’s amazing damnit! Lol

    It’s refreshing to have such a great star just be so damn normal and human and not just towing the company line. Truly a strong and awesome lady! God bless her! She’s a national treasure in my eyes. 🙂

  4. I'm not sure if I believe that conversations can be had anymore….We underestimate the power of political subversion if we think the people can participate in a two way discussion. People have been indoctrinated into voting against their own interests. It is the World against Communism in every literal sense. We are up against the wall. It almost feels as if they put Trump supporters in reeducation camps, they'll somehow win, because they wont be left to deal with what this Country "voted" for in 2020. Half of the Country doesn't even care that votes can be swayed from one person to another so long as their pony won the race. I love Gina sentiments, but we are beyond talking to Communists. Ideologically we are not compatible, We don't even go about obtaining resources or satisfying our needs the same way. The color revolution and their allies want Government over everything. Meanwhile the rest of us feel that government is the root of all of our problems. MEH.

  5. Really cool interview – honest, funny and real. I personally fundamentally disagree with Gina's politics, but I'll defend her right to her opinion for ever. It amazes me that people would be angry at a TV show, set in a make believe fantasy world, played by make believe characters because they disagree with the politics of one of the actors playing one of the characters in the show. Anyway, great channel – found it via Anna.

  6. 21:45 Gina was nice enough not to call out the name of the Vanity Fair writer who smeared her but her name is Joanna Robinson. If you google Gina Carano Joanna Robinson twitter it is clear that Robinson had some weird crush on Gina… and was gushing on about seeing "a woman this tall and strong and broad shouldered woman having a role in the show" – but it appears Robinson then threw a tantrum when she learned that Gina was not flag waving LGBTQ poster girl. So that Vanity Fair article was written by a woman with the mindset of a jilted adolescent brat. It also looks like Gina had gone on a Robinson podcast in 2019 and did some nice things for her ratings…. so this unprofessional turd knew first hand that Gina is a good person and still went ahead with her petty smear campaign.

  7. this woman is absolutely stunning , her entire face just lights up and glows when she smiles and when she started to talk about the magazine reporter and the way that she basically tried to kill her career from the get go it looked like she was trying very hard not to cry , she seemed to be very emotional about it but at the sam time stopping it getting the better of her , she is a truly talented and very beautiful woman and I wish her all the best luck for her career in the future " GOOD LUCK GIRL " .

  8. I wish Drunk 3PO would not stop/interrupt Gina and let her speak. This entire conversation was the embodiment of watching people walk on egg shells and not try to break anything.

  9. Every time I see Gina Carano with red hair I feel she looks a lot like Amy Pond the Scottish companion of the Doctor. She & Karen Gillan imo look so alike that they could play sisters.
    31:08 Yes, her video freeze had a good timing.

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