“A CRAZY MESS”!! Pfizer Whistleblower SLAMS Vaccine Trials

A researcher who was employed by a company that oversaw three clinical trial sites of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine has made revelations about poor practices at the facilities
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Any medicine from a large public company is suspect. They have a driving requirement to make shareholder return and this always seems to override any other motive. We saw it with Boeing and now Pfizer. Read Bobby Kennedy's book and importantly no one has sued him for the information in the book – he has opening asked them to sue him of there are any errors. He has had a running fight with the CDC for twenty years.

  2. Annnnd THIS is exactly why I don't want to take the risk and get vaccinated ! Multi-billion corporations are controlling the only institutions that should be protecting us from getting poisonned by god knows what concoctions, like lab rats, isn't that peachy ?

  3. At this point choice is choice, you can choose a vaccine regardless of how dangerous or dodgy it may be, there’s no convincing anyone anymore, just don’t force others to do anything with their own bodies and we will have no issues among friends and family

  4. Why would anyone want to put something in their body without all the facts. I hope you all don't start falling like flies when the vaccine has a reverse effect. Way to soon to come out with a vaccine especially when y'all have been working on an AIDS cure for 40 years yet can come out with a vaccine in less than a year for something you didn't know was coming? Please…America is a joke. I wouldn't lift one finger to fight for this backwards ass country. I was on my way out of America until this plandemic started halting my future and screwing it all up AGAIN. And now I have to stay another 3 years to save again and bail.

  5. Awe Russ! You couldn’t even find a pic of yourself that doesn’t scream crazy Luddite? 😂 Enjoy that dark money. Did you spend all of Katy’s money already? It’s so gross hearing this guy pander to the lowest rung of society.

  6. And if you pay attention the new “Omicron” Variant came from a fully vaccinated person 🤔 and is said to be the most deadliest variant, but the vaccine is supposed to help us right? Seems that it’s causing all the chaos because didn’t the delta-variant start from a vaccinated person 🤔

  7. Watch series on Hulu called Dopesick starring Michael Keaton. It's about oxycontin & the head of Purdeu Pharmaceuticals. The hands of the FDA were dirty as hell when it came to the opioid crisis in America brought about by lies & deceit of a BigPharma company.

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