A federal agency held a re-education camp for white male employees. Chris Rufo shares the details.

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Written by Karlyn Borysenko

The focus of my life since 2012 was to bring sanity back to the work environment, because I believe we spend so much time at work that we shouldn’t be miserable. I have an MBA and a PhD in psychology, specializing in industrial/organizational psychology. I have my own practice - Zen Workplace - where I integrate organizational psychology and positive psychology with mindfulness techniques to help make work better. I’m also the Chief Science Officer of RallyBright, where I work to build high-performing, resilient teams.But that’s not how most people know me. Most people know me as a (now former) Democrat of 20 years who went to a Trump rally. The article I wrote about my experience went viral and garnered 3 million views in the first week. I was featured by Fox News, Glenn Beck, Dennis Prager, and on dozens of radio shows, podcasts, and YouTube videos.


  1. Scary…it’s a Federal program?! Who is in charge of this program? They need to be fired for shoving this brainwashing garbage down employees throats.

  2. Really? The KKK and white supremacy is what most people associate w/white men? Not the polio vaccine, Shakespeare, Mozart, the poems of Bryon and Shelley, the works of the Renaissance, the formation of calculus (shall I continue)?

  3. I think this stuff is more common with government agencies. Private companies do not want to do things that will rile up the employees and impact performance.

  4. Those betas that attended that 3 day seminar have not learned to embrace the scorn. You will ascend to the next level of old-male-whiteness once you wake up every day GIDDY with the thought you might get vilified. I've started calling myself "Ole Racist Jim' (ironically) because it causes max discomfort!

  5. Well, I look forward to seeing Mr. Rufo’s tweet on this. I work with a lot of feds as part my academia position. I feel for those guys too, trying to make sure I can fight against having to sit through such a stupid training.

  6. Not pleased that federal taxpayer dollars are being spent on racist indoctrination. Can you please list links or names of this material so people can contact their congresspersons to raise questions about it?

  7. Here's my associations for what it means to be be a "white male"
    target of racism & sexism, blamed for all societal ills, scapegoat, acceptable to discriminate against, pariah, double standards (it's only wrong if I do it), hated, feared, alone.

  8. Read the chapter on consistency in Influence by Robert Cialdini for a good idea as to the brainwashing techniques that they're using, especially how they have to write down the affirmations at the end.

  9. cant they sue? gender discrimination, being called racist/sexist by your employer with no proof, something…? I would NEVER be subjected to something like this!!

  10. This reminds me of the indoctrination camps that were held during the Cultural Revolution in China, as detailed in an autobiographical account of that time, Life and Death in Shanghai, by Nien Cheng.

    From Chapter 1 – Witch Hunt
    A quote from the first mandatory indoctrination class she attended:

    “It’s our job to implement our Great Leader Chairman Mao’s policy of educating and reforming them. For several months we have conducted political indoctrination classes for them. But no one can be reformed if he himself does not come face to face with reality and recognize and admit the facts of his own mistakes. Self-criticism and confession are the first steps towards reform. In order to make a real effort at self-criticism, a man must be helped by the criticism of others.”

  11. Check out Dana Ashlie The privilege they erased from history. Plus read the book called" WHITE CARGO ". Also Highimpactvlog, #BLM Mentality & Goals – According to #BLM Leaders! ( not my opinion ).
    Also, Col. Bradford – Col. Rose SCV CAMP 1683 – The True South by H.K. Edgerton – http://WWW.SCV.ORG 1-800-MY-SOUTH – PLUS Hidden Tyranny – The Harold Rosenthal Query Part 1. #MalkinLive: The Trayvon Hoax interview with Joel Gilbert – His documentary is informative. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND US ALL ✝️?????⚪??