A ‘Fine’ Country Christmas

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Have you been naughty or nice?

After nearly two years, and a pretty terrible 2020 Christmas, Dan Andrew’s elves are dishing out the fines in regional Victoria for 2021 Christmas.

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Please note that Warragul Sushi Bar are on Christmas holidays from Dec 26th to Jan 12th.

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Written by True Arrow


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  1. Groups of out of control tough guys intimidating legitimate businesses. No doubt they spend now their days harassing anyone they please. This woman is or anyone else shouldn't have to go through this. Hopefully this comes back to bite these grubs on the arse.

  2. Does the population of Australia reallise that the labor Party broke away from the liberal party of the 1950s …It was initially called the communist party of Australia.
    Labour uses the red colour …
    Labour is hiding under Australian Constitution for its right to exist as a legal entity …yet all the while being communist affiliated.
    The ugly head has shown it's true horns the Beast of the Revelations.
    Why doesn't Victoria Police investigate the corruption of their own members.
    Where is 60minutes yet they too are to abide by the Tyranny of the Government.
    Australia has no free independent media.
    Bring Back the true Australian journalist of 60minutes Australia.

  3. What disgusting bullies and thugs. l bet nothing they say will stand up in court including their stupid unlawful fines. Thank you to this amazing brave woman for standing up for her staff.

  4. Standing up to this intimating policing by
    this courageous women leaves me with the impression of what can and is happening to those who will stand up to the authorities…SHAME SHAME on this totalarian govt…Dan Andrews has an agenda to wipe out what is left of small businesses…SHAME SHAME on him.

  5. If these "officers" were conducting a genuine investigation there would be no need to roll in to the business during the busiest trading time. Their timing (and subsequent conduct) suggests their actions are motivated by the goal to intimidate and throw around their self-appointed powers. If I didn't already despise this country, I certainly would now.

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