A freedom which is interested only in denying freedom must be denied

Why is having freedom through denying others freedom being celebrated in our country? Can we describe what is happening in the vaccinated economy in NSW as a form of segregation and apartheid?

According to some because there is a “choice” to participate such criticisms are not warranted, yet does such an argument make sense when we consider the blatant forms of coercion being applied on that “choice”?

“A freedom which is interested only in denying freedom must be denied” ~ Simone de Beauvoir

Freedom Day in NSW – Realtime with Rukshan

Written by Real Rukshan


  1. Denied, and later when liberty returns, those involved in the abuse need to be then punished by the laws they were supposed to be protecting. Police that engage in abuses on the public today, need to be charged in the future for those abuses. “I was just doing my job” should not be accepted as an excuse, so document such abuses, document the individual officers that engaged in such, then later when sanity returns, prosecute those officers as the wrong doers they are. Do not be spiteful, or seek vengeance, no, simply apply justice to those officers that abused the public as it should be applied to such wrong doers. Today they get away with their abuses, but do not forget to justly punish them tomorrow when sanity returns to society.

  2. Family is turning on family now. Friends and colleagues are turning on each other. It’s not just government anymore. ☹️☹️☹️

  3. Apparently the more inclusive we get the more uninclusive we get 😂😂 take our care for you or we will beat and detain and imprison you

  4. But is it really freedom when you have to still wear a mask QR and whatever else is it really freedom when you are still being traced the vaccinated a being really stupid and being brainwashed into this scenario the very idea that you can't go outside with a mask is Ludacris as there has never been a case outside the governments are using as you say coercion as well as well as collusion and blackmail so that people can this is so called freedom which is not really at all when you look at it properly

  5. All this is because the so called vakseen does not work!! The people who have taken it are crazy enough to be on board with anything the government and media tells them. Critical thinking does not exist for them, therefore they must blame someone. Guess who?

  6. Funny how this Indian wedding singer makes more sense than the MSM and the state and federal governments.

    I'm speaking tongue in cheek here – see you soon with a high five, Rukshan xo

  7. The footage of everyone at the shops signing in with their phones was like something out of a dystopian horror movie. So disturbing. And they're all smiles…. Its just sad man.