A Harris Administration?


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  1. Harris has the political acumen of Hillary Clinton and the mental stability of Ivan the Terrible. Can you imagine that sort of person with the power of the US government at their disposal?

    Living under Xi Jinping might be preferable.

  2. The insane thing is that the guy who wants to raise taxes to absurd levels and spend 2 trillion dollars on an unrealistic energy plan is seen as a moderate democrat.

  3. Joe Biden is only a means to an end, i don’t like him and think he has been dirty but they are using him big time, and the way Kamala is really the presidential nominee, she never got that fairly. Don’t know why the other candidates don’t raise hell, some people sure have s lot of power

  4. If Placeholder Joe even comes to the debates, Trump should hammer away at Harris's support for endless riots and her bail fund raising, and at every instance of recidivism by the rioters her riot bail fund bailed out. Make Placeholder Joe defend what we can expect of the candidate he's holding place for.

  5. If by a miracle Harris got into the office she's not even going to be able to give a acceptance speech. Her throat and mouth would be so stretched out from paying homage to the ones that provided her with such a position.

  6. Actually, they want to throw the election with no winner making Nancy Pelosi president. Harris's parents were here on Student visas when she was born-before they moved to Canada where she was raised which is interesting. By the way, what do you think of Trudeau promulgating Parliament and ruling as a dictator in Canada?

  7. It was obvious since the PRIMARIES that Biden was running point for Harris and she was the chosen one. Harris is the one all the Hillary staffers went to work for. Harris is one of the "Soros sisters."

  8. I do completely agree that it was not a slip up. The intention was to tell the people on the left not to worry, Biden wont be in control. The purpose was to save some of the left vote. [Off topic: I'm perplexed on the lopsided 'unbalanced' background … could someone explain? Cause it is sort of distracting. …. the right has shelves but the left has nothing …. is that symbolic? ]

  9. hopefully 'murican have learned their lesson after obammy. i mean haven't we had enough pos…ugh…poc in the big office?
    beside if i'm gonna vote black, at least let me have a full blooded black to vote for.

  10. The worst thing that could happen to the Dems would be for the far-left of the party to get into the Whitehorse. They'd get their 4 years of power they crave but it would come at the huge cost of making that party un-electable for a generation

  11. I’ve been watching this channel for years, I’m surprised Styx has not landed a hand modeling job by now. Seems like he’s always auditioning for one! Lololollll

  12. I say this… if Harris becomes the defacto POTUS… Blacks will be further emboldened and white America will suffer… We are currently in a state that is essentially the last days of Apartheid… BLM is the ANC of the U.S… the ANC has openly called for the killing of whites… BLM has essentially said the same!

    Styx can deny, but if Harris becomes POTUS after Biden dies or resigns… we will be headed to an actual shooting race war! BLM as well as antifa have already fired the first shots!

    South Africa is what America will become… believe it!