A Hundred Corporations Seek to Subvert State Voting Laws and Institute Fascism

It’s hand in hand with big tech censorship and multinational bureaus and heads influencing our system. Lemmings suddenly think billionaires act in the public interest:


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#Fascism #Danger


  1. I want to try my system where we the people repurpose a supermax prision to be the new capital. We keep all elected officials there isolated from lobbyists and lawyers under guard 24/7 all thier correspondence and communications are monitored so that they can focus on the actual work they are supposed to do.

  2. Lol….. America has been controlled by the CfR for the last 100 years. Voting hasn't meant anything all that time… You just haven't realized it.

  3. I can't help but think that this throws a bucket of cold water on the Republican/Conservative narrative the corporations can do no wrong and should be left alone to pursue business at any and all costs.

  4. So for the 10000000th time. Untill the corrupt politicians, media members and corporation owners start dying soon nothing will change. That is the only way to solve this problem quickly. Grow some balls and kill them all

  5. You know who, says having these corporations show themselves like this, is exposing the swamp. They are all over. The people got to take the country back.

  6. The trouble is that too many Americans are unaware of their own history. There was an attempted coup back in the 1930s, led by Prescott Bush and a bunch of Corporations. I see little difference today, except that the Corporate entities are far bigger and even more malign.

  7. To add to your point, without ID you can't get medical attention, enroll your child in school, or claim any entitlements. They can't legally rent or buy accommodation.
    I there really are Americans without ID then survival is a far greater problem than voting rights.. So give them ID and solve a stack of problems for them

  8. Corporations have been granted personhood in our legal system, and corporate law is written as such that if a given corporation does something the shareholders think will hurt their stock prices, they can sue. Until corporate law is rewritten, and some semblance of sanity intervenes, this problem will never go away.

  9. If corps didn't care about who's voting for who, they wouldn't exclusively be supporting dem interests, oh high IQ one. If you just said they "rub elbows with the politicians", I don't suppose they are opposing the elbows they're rubbing. I think sometimes you get confused by your own pseudo-intellectual verbal soup. …Making you come off like a hypocritical clown, with limp wrists. 🙂

  10. There should be 10 million armed citizens in the streets. These people should be dragged out of their homes and offices and hung or shot, no trial needed.

  11. Awesome display of "social marketing" ? Corporate leftists/progressivists proudly and openly organize to enforce "ethical actions" upon the State at the behest of BLAMTIFA and the DNCCP. This indeed is a textbook (i.e. Gentile's "textbook") definition of Fascism.

  12. I remember when progressives made a big deal about getting money (corporations) out of politics. Of course they change their ideology when it suits them.

  13. Couple of years from now, these neo-marxists will be wearing Hugo Boss uniforms, a red armband with a black fist in a white circle, pushing people into cattle cars to be taken to camps.. and they will still think they're the good guys fighting fascism.

  14. When everyone finally figures out it’s China pulling the puppet strings I think it’s going to be a little too late. But that’s OK they’ve been teaching our children Mandarin Chinese in schools across the USA getting ready for the takeover, it won’t be Russia.

  15. These greedy corporatists has no nationality, they only care about money, power and control. USA is already an Oligarchy, bought by the highest bidder.