A.I. Just Designed An Enzyme That Eats Plastic

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Hi, my name is Dagogo Altraide and I create and narrate all the videos on here.This channel aims to let you experience the cutting edge of the world around us in a relaxed atmosphere where you can feel at home and have fun. Learn the captivating stories about how our world came to be and also learn what's happening in the cutting edge today.


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  1. Sorry but I believe it when i see it. The Bacterium, Moth, Enzyme etc that dissolves plastic is a news that pops up every other year and never do we hear from it ever again. Its like fusion energy, solid state batteries or flying cars.

  2. No, there will be no way to vaccinate humans to allow for their own body cells to create this enzyme. It is far too calorically demanding. This is why we can't break down plastic in the first place. So unless it's provided in a drug, over a course of treatment, it's a useless technology in the case of humans and human evolution. We won't ever be able to evolve to digest plastic, so we need to actually get on top of the cause not spend time focusing on "post-treatments".

    So while this is a great solution for getting rid of plastic, and can help to prevent future humans of consuming plastic, it's not a solution to the problem of humans currently having plastic in their bodies.

  3. Imagine this thing gets out of the Lab. It'll be the new Termites for house hold plastic ware.
    This thing probably need to be regulated, be exclusively only be in use in some treatment recycle plant.
    Not to mention most of our Tech infrastructures, computer, mobile phones etc. are encased in plastics.

  4. Nice, but in the real world economic issues have to be addressed too. How much does this enzyme cost and how much is needed to break down 1 kilo of plastic? Does the incoming plastic have to be washed and scrubbed clean for the process to work? Wh is going to separate the tops and labels from the bottles? Is the resulting goo directly useful or does it need extra processing to be reused? Does that cost less than using fresh oil or gas to make the plastic? Very challenging issues.

  5. An asteroid hit the planet and wiped it clean. Eventually life returned. Idiots worry about plastic as if we can harm the earth. Such arrogance. Our species does not have the ability to harm the planet. We could make it inhospitable for us; but after we go extinct, the planet will remain.

    Environmentalists are idiots. Recycling is stupid when you consider how long our species will last.

    We should pollute as much as possible to advance our technology to the point where we can colonize another planet.

    If we do that, we'll discover clean energy. But no, we focus on bullshit enzymes.

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