A Liberal View W/ The Soft Gentleman: Jim Carey Writes A Wonderful Article

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Written by Hard Bastard

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  1. Softy, you & Jim Carey have shown me the error of my ways. From today on, I will aspire to the lofty leftist ideals that have so enriched the lives of my fellow Venezuelans and endeavor to bring the bread lines and rat-on-a-stick to America. TDS 4 Ever !

  2. I’m an “ordinary American” and my life has NEVER been better. Making more money than I ever have. More prosperity. My money goes further at the grocery store and gas pump than it has in a very long time. If they’re trying to push us from Trump using the economy, they’re failing badly (thank God). Also, I know many who were planning to vote for Biden and changed their minds when the Democrats failed to pass the most recent stimulus that came before the House. It’s almost like they WANT Trump to win. Do they simply know they can’t beat Trump in 2020, so they’re running a candidate they know cannot win? Unless they plan to steal the election with mail-in ballot harvesting, I really can’t figure their endgame.

  3. So sick of these pompous hollywood assholes talking about 'unity,' but of course Jim Carrey could never be bothered to talk to Trump supporters, find out what really drives them, what concerns them and why. He judges them from on high, while talking of the 'less fortunate.'

  4. They demonize people like Jesse Lee Peterson (where I found the great HB) who is combative and argumentative but very kind to his "enemies" and "opponents" yet they laud lunatics like Jim sCarrey as "nice" when he would physically break down and attack and verbally assault a Trump hat wearer in a heartbeat for a different opinion.

    Also: Why would I EVER listen to what a radical LOLberal's idea of the "Republican" Party should be. Their "far-right" is believing in a nation-state. F-off, Jimbo.

  5. The Biden signs and bumper stickers I see in my town are from old, white, disconnected, life-long Democrats. Cuomo might be on to somethin ya think?


  6. Is Jim Carrey not only a fart sniffing celebrity but also a Leaf? Am I supposed to take his opinion on how to be patriotic, get out of here.