A Litany Of Failures: More To Come!

Builders are falling like flies… and more to come.

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  1. I don't know how the Chinese company can blame COVID because construction stayed open in Australia during COVID. China is sitting on a time bomb where 90% of Chinese people have their home as their only investment. The Evergrande ponzi scheme scandal in China is just the tip of the iceberg. The Chinese have stopped paying their mortgages in protest.

  2. So where are the tradespeople who seem to have magically disappeared? They can't have ALL been backpackers and part time students. And please don't dribble Govt rubbish about needing more immigrants, 'skilled' or otherwise.

  3. The government stimulates the economy with home owner grants,free kitchen upgrades creating a spike in demand at the same time building material shortages are happening world wide due the chinese created covid 19.
    The developers pocket the money along with big business grabbing job keeper cash they don't need because the plebs have drained their super and are buying up giant TV's etc .
    All this is a surprise to the government who are the opposition now anyway and the FHB are under water with half built houses due to the collapse of the building industry that was the main target of FBH grants to keep our economy strong.
    OPP'S we really fucked that up ………lets bring some more immigrants to stimulate the economy. No due dilligence needed … just pull that big lever.

  4. Thanks Mr. Martin…well demand side supply problems are being blamed for all of these Construction collapses…with the scale of Chinese money…backed by insane equity valuations in China… entering or washing through the Property Market here ceasing in Australia…you would have to ask will things ever be the same…obviously many feel it will…lookout Australia!

  5. Quantitative debtslave plan is a path to creditbubbles, speculative mania and entrenched inequality.

    Our Westminster clownshow only serves it's corporate political donors.

    Load the entire cohort up on their nuclear submarines & fire them off as torpedoes to Mars. One way trip, two birds one stone.

    Captain Cook would be proud lol.

  6. They kept chugging along through lock downs..with temp tax obligation postponments, then came supply chain delays..intrest rate rise..inflated costs….when many factors ajust at the same time..long term outlay enterprisesare unable to adapt quickly.

  7. So in short, the govt skewed the market for the public buying houses.

    The tradies swarmed to the honey pot and now the global market shows them up.

    What does the govt and banks do, who have profited so much?

    Open up the migration gates of course.
    It’s hard to believe that whilst the building of homes market is so dysfunctional and going one way, the receiving end..the buyers are acting like they are the only answer to all life’s problems.

    Also funny, I remember walking around Singapore and seeing workers building apartment towers. They were mostly Indian and they had hardly any cages or safety equipment. I saw one guy squatting down drilling and had a rope tied around his waist while anothe guy held a torch over his head. The building was abuzz with workers, and by other observations they were mainly wiry Indians who would get picked up in the morn sit in the back of a Ute tray to be dropped off at the building site.

    When you think of singapores city scape you don’t think of tiny little Indian men who were, for our standards, almost abused.

    When you compare that to Australia’s CFMEU, big burly and tattooed and ready to fight anyone, charging and tailgating in their ford rangers

    Makes me laugh…I dunno how many people die in Singapore’s building sector…but it truly is majority built by the smallest wiry people compared to Australia’s big burly thugs …and australia buildings mostly seem to be falling apart, cosmetically and structurally

    If you been to Singapore you will know that apartment high rise is their way of life. Melbourne really has tried to take on that approach with the old 2030 policy…build it all up into the sky…anyone, trespassers will be hired!!!

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