A Man Sent 100 Job Applications As a Man and a Woman, This is What He Found


A man working in computer science performed a social experiment by sending 100 job application as a man and a woman. Today we discuss the SHOCKING results and what it means for men today who are trying to find a job.

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The job hunt experiment was first reported on the r/TrueOffMyChest subreddit on Reddit.


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Written by MR. OBVIOUS


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  1. "Another white male in the team but thats OK if he's the best fit"
    "I'm racist and sexist unless I'm gonna get in trouble for it".

    Don't worry fellas, white or black, let's let em have it and rest until they come begging us to fix everything.

  2. First of all college is not and indicator of success, second white men dissporpotionatily start small business without degrees. Third there's many different avenues to success and education these days the standards of success through college and being hired is an illusion, most people who take this path are unhappy in debt and wage slaves to someone elses success. Working their whole life trapped in the rat race, if your upset more non-white women are taking path that's silly, who cares.

  3. Tim Pool touched on this once but at a different angle. When he was young, he tried to get a job at any cafe, restaurant, retail, the kind of things you think are easy summer jobs for teens. Nobody would hire him. The stores and cafes were always filled with female staffers. To actually get a job as a man he realized he had to pick a *career*, work hard on it, for years without getting paid, for the off chance that one day it would pay off. But yeah, don't complain if you're a man, because you're "privileged." Fucking facts.

  4. I knew this from the time I started working in the 1980s. They have turned everything to shit, and now they blame us for everything being shit – as all women do.

    Watch them suddenly go back to happily making sammiches when the draft is reinstated for WWIII, which they solely caused.

  5. Imagine if you could say you were a white male, you wouldn’t get one callback unless you were calling to be a roofer. Gotta love that white male privilege world we live in. Nobody has it better than us. Lol

  6. This literally is and has been obvious to anyone with a brain and the guts to say it for years and years and years now regardless of what the feminists claim… They try to use the 1% elite and workds richest men to categorize all men together as getting more jobs and higher pay… Dumb as the people at Disney with dream jobs who whine all day about how woman and Trans losers can't get work hahaha

  7. In the 'equality and diversity' sections of my applications for public sector jobs (yes, thats a thing in the UK), i always put "prefer not to say" to every option. If I'm being hired, do it based on my CV and not my genome.

  8. Funny how discriminating based on race, ethnicity sex or religion is explicitly illegal UNLESS it’s on a white Christian male. Generalizing is never except able UNLESS you’re talking about white people. Funny how anti-racist has become codeword for anti-white.

  9. Diversity Inclusion Equity (D.I.E.) is a genocidal death cult hellbent on destroying white society and replacing it with brown people.

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