A Message to Odysee, Rumble, and All Free Speech Tech Sites

Stop, Fighting, One, Another. You’re not fighting for one anothers’ shares you’re fighting for an ideal.

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  1. This kind of infighting is only going to cause a net negative amount the new tech services. Reality check: the majority of your userbase does not care about your passive-aggressive swipes at one another that come off as jealousy.

  2. to show you evidence of pre planning by the British Parliament of removal of alternative treatments. It removes common law duty of care (tort) and omission (tort) and indemnifies Drs (and staff) who are compliant in this Democide. This is evidence of pre planning in a conspiracy to commit democide and genocide with Drs being complicit.

  3. Is this related to the potential involvement of a professional attention getter on one of the two combatants? I think maybe that person should make a home on every alternative media sight so as to avoid another oligarchic monopoly.

  4. Just realized why my comments on rumble never post. On the app it doesn't say anything about verifying your account in order to post comments. Found that out on the website. You would think verifying your email would be good enough. Nope.

    Apparently they also need my phone number… yeah nah. They can sit and spin on that all day and night. Who told them that being more intrusive than YT would be a good idea?

  5. Honestly, I'm kind of happy Odysee did it. There's no point flocking to other sites if those places are greedy/exploitative/will sell out. And Rumble showed that it's not out of character for them to do it.

    Plus, if they are scamming investors, that's gonna come back screaming if not addressed. Better to find out early than after the site gets shut down.

  6. I used to use both. Now I use neither. Both sites kind of blow, they need to optimize their sites better and chill with "Boosting" videos with proprietary crypto (LBR I think it's called on Odysee) or price tags attached to everything (Rumble)

  7. 05:31. That's already happening on YouTube (consolidation of support in groups of channels), but there is already several flaws in that system. Infighting is a standard feature of that, and it's not uncommon for people to jump on (get brief protection or growth), and then jump off again. The cross pollination of audiences also mean that while that growth is multiplied amongst channels, it also brings trolls, agitators and saboteurs from one audience into another. Not to mention, that failures and mistakes get replicated and multiplied down the line, which hurts all the channels/audiences' legitimacy and cohesiveness. There IS safety in numbers, but also danger and risks. :/

  8. The CEO of Rumble was a guest on the Viva & Barnes livestream just last night, answering questions about going publicly traded, advertiser friendly and what will happen to the ToS following this.
    Did you watch this, Styx?

  9. Bitchute won't let me see videos of patriot FBI Front. Fucking hate this shit, why? Why 😭 it's my fave freedom site. I can't fucking do this again. Can we have one platform that will let me see the interesting things?


  10. Whining Odysee only makes itself look like its monopolistic, part of old tech and afraid of old fashioned competition. People will recognize this and leave Odysee. So, Odysee is only harming itself.

  11. This proliferation of small, infighting YT replacements in the Social Justice era has an eerie echo to the social network replica attempts post-Cambridge Analytica: making new accounts every week for another "next big thing" only to see this kind of unprofessional fighting until FBIbots creating shitty antisemitic discreditation content are all that's left.

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