A month after President Trump restricted travel from China, Pelosi urged people to visit Chinatown

Nearly a month after President Trump restricted travel from China to fight the spread of the coronavirus, Nancy Pelosi urged people to visit Chinatown. “Everything is fine,” she said. “All is well.”

Written by Donald J Trump


  1. When Trump imposed travel ban. Democrats were screaming racist. If at all democrats sorted 10% of what president Trump did this nation would have been wonderful. But democrats are showing that they hate this nation of America to the core. They want defund police and allow criminals to rule. They want to ship our manufacturing jobs to China. Democrats want to destroy or oil and fracking industry.

  2. Has nothing been going right in your life? Maybe your whole life. Are you tired and things just don’t make sense. Things never work out? Maybe the Lord is trying to call you to repentance. After all we are servants of Christ or slaves to sin. Being a slave to sin is pain and destruction. Nothing good comes of it. Eve lost everything in the garden just sinning one time. So what would living in a perpetual state of sin lead to? The bible says the soul that sins will surely die. The carnal man is spiritually dead, but the spiritual man is alive in Christ. I pray today that if you have not repented and turned from sin that you do so and give your life to Jesus. He will make your path straight and gives peace that surpasses understanding. Also promises the gift of eternal life. He who is in Christ lives and never dies. Hallelujah Praise the Lord
    Mark 1:15 The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel.

  3. Why can't Democrats just admit that even they themselves did not expect this virus situation? Seeing them blaming Trump for not having prepared for the virus is so annoying. Hindsight is 20/20.

  4. Trump segundo reportagem a pandemia demora dois anos para acabar então enquanto eu tiver vida eu vou lutar para vc trump ser reeleito acredito vc , estou pedindo a povo americano que vc termine com de cumprir sua missão de não deixar os americanos e seus aliados na mão de comunismo eles querem destruir o mundo e vou lutar vou pedir apoio para vc trump vc vale ouro para mim . Eu não quero vc longe de nós nunca obrigado trump faça diferença .