A.N.A.S. #30 8/10/20

An almost wholesome episode of A.N.A.S. (Approved News from Authoritative Sources) hosted by The Soft Gentleman

Written by Hard Bastard

Social justice and free speech advocate. I promise to always keep it real with my audience and offer commentary as balanced and reasonable as possible. I realize many people claim that but I will not censor the people and will keep my channel focused on their input. If you like what I do and want to help me continue


  1. Did that guy at the end legit tweet criticism of Trumps economy and deficit? Seems it’s the Democrats that are wanting the economy shut down and the electorate on government stipends. How totally sane and not at all projecting.

  2. Barr said the President doesnt get his actions dictated to him by the Legislative branch. He has absolute authority over his own actions.

    I shouldnt be surprised that they wrote an entire article like he meant the whole world. Fucking vultures.

  3. We have to use foreign words because we arent German. Baklava would be "Face cover leaving the eyes exposed but covering the nose and mouth with attached hood."
    Only Germans just stitch words together like that. In German, "Small Brown Dog near the road" would be "Smallbrowndogneartheroad"

  4. I can't believe ANAS is still monetized. Good job tricking the asshole censors. Just a note from watching the replay of the livestream this morning. Did you notice how MSNBC has just become the "Bobble Head Channel"? Every time they have a panel, as one person speaks whatever lies they come up with, the other panelists just sit there and nod. They also often appear to take on the expression of being surprised as they nod their agreement, although each panelist makes parallel points as the previous speaker. I wonder if they are instructed to do that, or if they are really that dumb? I guess I will flip a coin to answer that last question.

  5. Thing is Trump loves strong people no matter their sex or race. I love that he's not afraid to call ANYONE out too no matter their sex or race. Partly the reason we are where we are is because of spineless republicans too afraid to say "that's bullshit" if a woman or minority says it.

  6. About this "newer education"- if a kid watches the news they will think that "sexist", "misogynist" & "racist" just means someone who has a different view that the democrats. There is no link to what those means are suppose to actually mean. They are just slander so inconsistent with their real meaning- kids haven't been indoctrinated yet and might ask their progressive parents a deplorable question like "what does that mean"? Now a forbidden act in many homes where there is no father-