A.N.A.S. #33 8/15/20

Another wholesome episode of A.N.A.S. (Approved News from Authoritative Sources) hosted by The Soft Gentleman.

Written by Hard Bastard

Social justice and free speech advocate. I promise to always keep it real with my audience and offer commentary as balanced and reasonable as possible. I realize many people claim that but I will not censor the people and will keep my channel focused on their input. If you like what I do and want to help me continue


  1. I was politely asked to unfriend an old friend to spare him my "racist" and "misogynistic" posts. "Racist" posts consist of proving BLM is a domestic terrorist organization, and "misogynistic" posts consist of proving Kamala Harris is an incompetent power mongering liar against Kavanaugh who is factually proven to have used her sexuality to upstart her political career. What?

  2. I'm from the UK,whilst in the u.s a while ago pre the enrichment I bought a stamp,I now regret this act of election interference very very much .As a soy drinking a.n.a.s disciple, it has just dawned on me that stamp could have been used to post a democratic ballot. Also pre my conversion to the land of soy milk and honey that is a.n.a.s news, i even left comments that were kind about the orange bad man on YouTube channels such as styx hexenhammer and other such far right hitleresk sites like that Jack boot wearing fascist tim pool. I now regret these acts of wanten overseas election interference, in future I will behave and only watch you and that other great arbiter of truth and fairness the young turks, and of course the only close rival that that wonderful honest British institution that is the BBC has on the mainstream CNN …those two channels always tell the truth about everything…please accept my apologies as I am clearly as responsible as that mean Mr putin for interfering in your election ?

  3. Listening to struggle as the Soft Gentleman tries to contain the Hard Bastard… is like listening to the reverse of Doctor Jekyll Mr Hyde. Where Hyde downs positions in a effort to remain in society. Eating your wings to keep you tame Eh?