A.N.A.S. #35: 8/19/20

Another clean episode of A.N.A.S. (Approved News from Authoritative Sources) hosted by The Soft Gentleman.

Written by Hard Bastard

Social justice and free speech advocate. I promise to always keep it real with my audience and offer commentary as balanced and reasonable as possible. I realize many people claim that but I will not censor the people and will keep my channel focused on their input. If you like what I do and want to help me continue


  1. I can believe that people would even insinuate that democrats would engage in treachery. I am literally clutching my pearls right not. AOC is clearly the second coming of black jesus.

  2. SG may not have attended college, but he did go to many teach-ins at the Womens' Building, Revolution Books, and the radical faeries retreat while he was in San Francisco. Nothing like a broad community-focused education to prepare people to tackle the real social justice issues we deal with on a daily basis!