A Nuanced Take On The Movie That Shall Not Be Named

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  1. There are female versions of Andy Milonakis, hormone deficient. Would've been the best option to fill the roles…. This reminds me of the actual movie KIDS, the one about aids and shit. Now those kids have fucked their lives up forever, the whole world can see this. It's one thing for paris hilton to ruin her life and let everyone see it.

    Also you ARE a rolly count dankula xD

  2. 8:05 This is pretty much my argument against using adults as children, in this movie and all movies.

    Now, Cuties should be banned. No argument there. Its softcore child porn, no argument there. However, the message of "Don't sexualise kids" is a great one that should be said, and should use children to reinforce the ideas and make people uncomfortable.

    The discomfort should not, however, come from explicitly sexualising children. It should come from the implication of sexualised children.

    What I mean by this is, don't show the girls belly dancing, with the camera lingering on their crotch and chest. Instead, have them go to dance school with older girls (18 year olds or whatever, played by adults, people who can consent, basically) and have them start dancing, developing into a more sexual dance as they rehearse. Then, show the young girls copying the early, nonsexual dance, and cut away before the sexual part. Even better, cut the scene to the girl doing the sexual dance in the bedroom, but have the scene only show the silhouette on a bedroom blind. With some movie magic, like stunt doubles, use an older, consenting girl to film this scene.

    Implied, not explicit, sexualisation of children.

    In the same breath, Netflix has pulled this exact bullshit before.

    13 Reasons Why. A shitty show that only got talked about because it was about suicide. For those who don't know, there are 2 major rules about presenting suicide in media, be it a news report or movie (there are others, but these 2 are relevant.)

    1: Never present suicide as an escape from one's problems. Never suggest its tragic angels returning home, and that the people around them will learn the error of their ways.

    2: Never explicitly show someone killing themselves, or describe how they killed themselves.


    For No.1, it's because this encourages people to commit suicide. It romanticises it and ignores the truth. It's a brutal act that only makes the lives of those close to one worse. The bullies won't change. They'll forget about you, and pretend to care, but nothing will change.

    For No.2, it's because it gives suicidal people ideas and motivation. Outside of edgy 13-year-olds and SJWs, this is a legitimate use of the word triggering. Seeing suicide triggers suicidal people into committing suicide. Does it always? No, but it can, and so it is avoided.

    There was an increase in teen suicides following the release of 13RW. I'm not saying 13RW caused this because I can't. Experiments were not conducted, but do bear in mind its a possibility.

    We've all seen Hannah Baker kill herself. We've all seen what is, to its credit, a legitimately uncomfortable, brutal scene. I hated that scene, and that's why it's amazing. For me, a neurotypical, non-suicidal person, it made me realise just how awful suicide is, and made me uncomfortable with joking about it for a few months afterwards.

    But that's just it. I'm not suicidal, so it didn't trigger me. The intended effect fails on people who need it most. The same effect could be implied, not shown (sense a pattern here?) by showing Hannah enter the bathroom with razor blades, turn on the bath, and close the door. Next scene is her sobbing parents.

    Both Cuties and 13RW aimed to bring the serious subject matter to a wider audience and start up a discussion. Both immediately shot themselves in the foot because they used harmful strategies to broadcast this message. Both Cuties and 13RW could have worked if done properly, but their massive failure makes them actively harmful.

  3. The message wouldn't have had the same impact if it wasn't actual children. yes its disgusting but you said yourself adult actors are easy to distinguish and say oh its ok i know they are adults. But its a one sided convention. Horrible things need to be talked about instead of ignored so they can be given proper light and context.

  4. Hollywood Gossip, it took:
    40y to legalise same sex marriage
    15y for transitioning legislations
    they hope to legalise paedophilia in the next 5 years. 🙂

  5. Don't get tattoos of stars on your shoulders. Or – never go to Russia. I hope you don't have matching stars on your knees. In that case – really never go to Russia.

  6. If what you did supposedly justified jail time then this director should be in jail for spreading propoganda for a lifestyle based on morally equating sexual freedoms to harming children, just like they wanted to do to you for Nazi propoganda

  7. The sequel will take place one year later and it shall be called "sugar daddy". A comming of age film about the struggles of a young girl who must cope with her parents not letting thier daughter go out with a 50 year old man. (My sister actually did this at that age my parents tried to prosecute and they weren't able to do anything)

  8. We need to violate the 1st amendment to create hate speech laws but this is okay, this is essentially what every left wing shill who promotes this movie is saying.

  9. I cancelled my netflix because of this film, looks like this film will ruin netflix, I'm good with that. Also what a hypocrite the woman who made it is, a muslim woman pointing the finger at the sexualisation of children, obviously she forgot her prophet married and diddled a toddler.

  10. The debate around the defense of this movie showcases our psychopathic obsession with “intent”. Who fucking cares why these people say they made the movie. They made an actual pedo movie with actual minors.

    But since they just say the words “oh yeah this was for awareness”, people (even those ostensibly against the film) are caught off guard like “ohh well, I guess if they were trying to spread awareness ?‍♂️”.

    Why these people made this movie is irrelevant. Deeds are important. Totally unverifiable goals and intentions are not.

    Fry everyone involved with this movie, except the kids.

  11. NETFLIX has been called to court in 2 states in the usa over the exploitation of children and sexual scenes allso grooming and other charges are being brought forward and netflix should be held accountable ,time sick stuff that the main stream are trying to defend no no no its wrong full stop well said danks