A Requiem for Melbourne

If you appreciate these videos and haven’t been financially smashed by bureaucratic decisions, please shout a coffee here:

Welcome to the “most livable city in the world.” A short tour around the Melbourne CBD on Tuesday, October 19, 2021.

Last October, I captured over 400 ‘For Lease’ signs in the CBD. China Town remained untouched but a walk there a year later paints a different story.

A look at De Graves Street, Melbourne Town Hall, Flinders Street Station, Federation Square and some quiet streets around Melbourne on a normal 2021-working day, in the middle of a once bustling city.

Be adults with your comments, thank you.

Written by True Arrow


  1. It is hard to imagine that small businesses will flock in to the City to re open for some time, they may never recover.
    (But at least the brothels and Bottle shops have been open in the "lockdown", what a nut job government!)

  2. On top of all the never justifiable rights violations, and the economic (and mental health) suicide, these policies have abjectly failed to reduce COVID. When you get to 8)% fully vaxxed, you can aspire to emulate the disasters of Israel and Singapore. Total fail.

  3. Victoria, and Melbourne will never recover. This is Comrade Dan's legacy for Victoria. Shame shame on him. How can leaders betray their people like this?. For money of course.

  4. Don't know what to say….we know 'they' want us to be in awe at their new found authority.But they can't change the fact that the mad dog bites his own tail and falls. Thanks for showing us the reality of side streets.

  5. all these are good news, people should not complain, seen these things your heart should fell all the warm that brings each time a business close it means this part of market is taken control by the elite business giving them more control over the market that in turn if they own most of the business then they can easier control the people and the people that are happy to be lockdown and their freedoms take away do not see that each a business close the more powerful they become

  6. Who oh who stands to gain from all this? Who oh who indeed…. certainly not the jews. Because its illigal to talk bad about them so it cant be God's chosen people right? RIGHT?

  7. What a creepy grey and miserable post apocalyptic hell hole this place is, so many are fleeing to QLD. I hope the victorian labor party is proud of all theyve done. Now hes ruined it his mates from china can come and scoop up whats left !

  8. Sorry but I have little sympathy for you Aussies you let this happen . You should have stood up for yourselves instead off complying to this bullshit . The history books are full of what dictatorships have done to countries .