A sad day

Excess deaths, non covid

Our world in data

Covid in decline

E.g. US, 14 day change

Cases, down 21%

Hospitalized, down 13%

Deaths, down 13%

Excess deaths

Week ending 26 August 2022

Registered COVID-19 deaths
= 505

Decrease from 622 last week

Total number of deaths registered in the UK


15.4% above the five-year average

(1,646 excess deaths for the week)

Covid deaths, 4.1% of all deaths


Excess deaths for 2022


Last 19 weeks, English data

Excess deaths is in all age groups

0 to 24 years
25 to 49 years
50 to 64 years

Excess deaths from specific causes

Ischaemic heart disease
Heart failure
Acute respiratory
Chronic respiratory
Urinary, Liver and cirrhosis, Parkinsons

Proximal versus distal causes

Distal causes

Health care access issues

Waiting lists for treatment

Fear from attending during lockdowns

Telephone triage

Review of long-term treatments

Delayed diagnosis

Long covid

Post covid syndromes

(Covid sequelae)

Lock down sequelae



Written by Dr. John Campbell

Hello Everyone,My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.


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  1. Greetings from Malawi. Could you look into the excess death data from this region? Noting the low rates of vaccination, limited lockdowns, non compliance to safety protocols (such as mask wearing) and the early projections that we would be seeing huge numbers of deaths from covid. I don't see anyone talking about what did and didn't happen here… which is very interesting. Thank you for your educational, fair, and important videos. We are so grateful for the time and effort you put into sharing this content on YouTube.

  2. I very much appreciate that Dr. John mentions Japan in a much more kindly way now than in the early days of the pandemic when many people were making harsh comments. I think Japan has fewer excess deaths than some other countries. My uninformed guess is that having had no lockdowns here may be part of the reason.

  3. What about all the Doctors who have failed to be conscientious? It is a huge betrayal. So many doctors have totally failed – they have thrown out their oaths and are not even Doctors without that oath.

  4. Mark my words, I am the biggest pacifist out there. Been beaten by bullies in my childhood even if i was bigger and stronger. My instinct has never been to hit back but to take the beating. And I am ashamed of that standing up for myself is what I learned in the past decade.

    What will the world come to when this thing unfolds? I consider myself a self thought psychologist, I always think about every action reaction in every single thing i do in life, from conservation to meeting new people to the point where I detach from the current situation, and I have to kind of pull myself back into reality (Americans would probably call this ADHD)
    You Tube and all of the social media conglomerates, please take this as ADVICE:

    Speech and conversation are the basics of all knowledge.
    Reality is hard and confusing and the only way to decode the situation is by tackling unsettling truths around us.
    If you take away from people the ability to speak it means so much more than just silencing them it means social engineering, IT MEANS GREAT POWER!

    The thing with great power is , one small decision can lead to a butterfly effect of proportions that can lead do disaster.

    Messing with the delicate balance of nature is what is going on here, you see in society people check themselves, people argue and people disagree.

    And it is as simple as that, this last sentence can be cropped and defined as SCIENCE.

    Science is very simple. Yes a heavy statement indeed, but you see there is nothing logical in this world YES everything we know and understand is based on performing tests and writing down the variables in which this world operates.

    With where this world is going I am afraid, we are no longer able to confront bullies.
    We are no longer able to confront ideas.
    We are no longer able to discuss the possible outcomes.
    We are no longer able to think.

    I am not here to start anything, this is beyond my capability to change a thing. I understand that this message will fall in to the VOID of oblivion.
    Arrogance will be the downfall of our great civilization.

  5. How can one be so stupid to not know what Experimental mean after almost three years now ? Uhhh ! How many excess deaths do we need to see before humanity becomes extinct.

  6. Dr John, do remember that a lot of the reporting reasons ate incorrect! Dr’s and hospitals will still be often reporting a Covid death because of the financial gains when Covid was not the COD. This has been massively abused by the Government and forcing Doctors & Hospitals to make as many deaths as possible appear to be from Covid!
    I have spoken to many NHS staff who have confirmed this and also had a heated conversation with the person who added Covid on a a secondary reason to a relatives death when there were never any positive test results not one out of 6 tests in two weeks!
    Anyway! I would not be surprised if the queens death was not a fall out of her vaccination 💉. I think You will see Tens of millions around the world now begin to drop like flies from every possible disease under the Sun! I can guarantee you it’s from How these crazy gene 🧬 therapies will have compromised peoples immune systems

  7. Dear Dr Campbell, I’m most touched by your video n agree totally with John McLeod’s comment …. We too where we live have to just keep our opinions to ourselves which is rather sad. Thank you again n keep up your fervent strife to the truth.

  8. The sad day is now everyday 'cause after this roll out our close ones die like flies and so many are so injured. And yet they do not stop but push it further against any common sense, logic, science, humanity

  9. I hear what you aren't saying loud and clear. I know you can't, not here anyway. Thank you for "telling" us what many have been fearing all along.

  10. With respect , dear Doctor, I suggest you find another platform that doesn’t censor you so much. It’s becoming tedious to hear you repeat that you must follow YT dictates about what you are allowed to say. We all know what the elephant in the room is. It’s a shame you continually sidestep it. Free speech must be protected. Its loss is the first step towards totalitarianism.

    I thank you for your invaluable contribution.

  11. After the Spanish flu epidemic, there was this strange outbreak of encephalitis lethargica well after the flu had passed, never again to be repeated. This was before the anybody was vaccinated against anything, mRNA or not, and indeed before viruses or DNA were discovered. In addition, earlier pre-omicron strains have left many people with long-term health problems. Thirdly, many many people over the last few years have been under higher stress, have postponed non-pressing medical care, and have received sub-par medical care because of crowded hospitals and overworked doctors. It's reasonable to conclude that the mRNA vaccine is to blame for the excess deaths. There are also many other possible, reasonable explanations. It's important to not jump to conclusions before data has come in, and to remain agnostic.

  12. Aroha nui Dr Dr John from NZ. My little brother died 50 years old. SAD sudden massive heart failure. And he was ready to do an IRON MAN. I wonder what was different? I can tell you what I refused

  13. What is needed is comprehensive testing on all those who have not had covid and have not taken the "magic juice". Maybe we have something in our bodies/blood that can be replicated in order to produce a safe medicine for distribution

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