A Swiss Cheese Style Budget…

A quick summary of the budget from last night, with a focus on the assumptions and overall projections ahead. All up, it is an improvement from the previous budget, but still contains some pretty heroic assumptions. Includes some content from The Conversation.

Sir Humphry would be proud!

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  1. Labor's problem, is that they usually come into office ,with the country out of debt. This allows them to spend like drunken sailors. Now, all they have to blow is our future.

  2. imo shit budget, they should cut 75% of government jobs cut funding to all arts programs and get the trillion dollars down,

    The spas liberal budgets where worse, but this one is still bad af.

  3. I'm completely pissed of at Labor. They know what they can do to lower inflation and energy prices, but they are too gutless to touch the energy cartels that have them in their pockets.

  4. Labor should have stuck to its promise to lower electricity prices. There's no good reason why it couldn't subsidise households. $250 per quarter would have been nice.

  5. They really need to look at the NDIS.. my aunt tells me all that goes on with that.. her payments get eaten up by the middle men and consultants. She gets little benefit. It's the system and complying with that which causes waste.
    I'm starting to take my wealth out of Australia and will look at moving to Thailand. Have property there and it's all easier.. People there don't get anything from government and they are happy.. No income tax for a cash economy 😃

  6. If you look at it it's a very good budget and will deliver some very good results over time.

    Labor cut pork barroling projects.
    Cut expensive labour hire creating full time position.
    Established anti corruption commission
    Cut wasteful spending on oil n gas green washing.
    Helped families with parental leave
    Increased Labor supply by with childcare
    Increased take and education spending.
    Put money into public housing.
    Acknowledging climate change.
    Insuring tax revenue from multi national companies.

  7. Lol find it funny that someone reads a media right leaning article. And everyone forgets who laded us in high inflation through 10 years of poor management. And who audience blames Labor who has done more than than the LNP in the last 6 months.

    A lot of sad misinformed people.

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