“A Tool Of The Establishment!!” This Isn’t Democracy

Jack Dorsey has resigned as CEO of Twitter – the platform that was intended as a tool for democracy but became the opposite. How did this happen and what does the future look like for censorship over social media?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. A lot of social media has changed completely of open media of ideas, Twitter and YouTube was the same but changed to the dark side now only allowing only certain content and no longer tollerate alternative thinking. It is lucky this channel is still up but many have secondary accounts as a backup.

  2. It's official. Russel has sold out for views. Before he wasn't partisan, and now he pleases majority viewers by suckling trumps teet. Bro Trump never wanted to change anything institutional. Be real. He's a millionaire, paid no taxes, scammed everyone, lied. I'm not a fan of the left either but I'm sorry man, this is your last vid I watch.

  3. Wow, really eating that article up. It seems rather slanted to me. For over 3 and a half years Trump was able to spew all the crap he wanted. It wasn't until after he continually tried to incite violence that they shut him down.

  4. Whatever you say about Trump’s tweets is that he never punched down. He wasn’t a good old spineless Republican who would take all the media’s abuse as long as they weren’t kicked off the DC cocktail party circuit. I think most Trump supporters wished he haded moderated himself a little. I always felt he just had to throw some gas on fires that were best left to burn on their own.

  5. Ok. Honest comment… Ten years ago I would have voted for you, to enter politics, bash the door demanding to know what's going on.

    When I saw trump enter USA, I commented that the idoits had been breeding …

    I am a man, I Admit I was wrong.

    I have plus for you knocking on the door , because YOU have grown.

    Not because I have.

  6. Has anyone thought about how detrimental the removal of the dislike count is to YouTube and free speech as a whole? Blocking comments on a video is one thing but this is a whole different story

  7. I am an old woman who demonstrated at the1968 democratic convention. SNCC member. Picture on the front of the Chicago sun times. Rode my bike to vote for Eugene McCarthy. Parents voted for Adlai Stevenson. And Donald trump was and is vile. Today there is a Supreme Court that will overturn roe. This country is being governed by a minority of old white men. Misogyny and racism are as alive and well as they were when I was growing up in the 50’s.
    Light For. The. Highest. Good

  8. And now, Deep-State democracy has decided that excessive population is just too difficult to manage for a limited-population, privately incorporated, Deep-State oligarchy. Already now, The Great Reset is morphing into the greater global dieoff. The primary reason global government can so casually deficit-borrow TRILLIONS of dollars for illusion-building infrastructure is because none of it IS expected to get reimbursed by the world population (or its descendants) that's supposed to be getting the invoice. However, a mass-dieoff crowd will leave behind a google-isheous volume of property infrastructure. Ultimately, The Deep-State's authorized survivors will find it all gloriously helpful in promoting their own corporately defined master's brave New World Order.

  9. I think the problem comes when a person like Trump, who’s a skilled manipulator, deceives under-informed people to take harmful action that is ultimately self serving to the manipulator and harmful to most everyone else. We have a tendency to love charismatic people because their confidence, enthusiasm, and take charge attitude means we don’t have to think or take action for ourselves. They’ve got it covered. They have it all figured out. And we as society can’t allow ourselves to be romanced in this way. The moment we stop questioning, or stop acting on an individual level, we’re done for.

  10. You hit the nail on the head and let's not forget the joy George Sorros gets by manipulating society for his enjoyment.
    I don't see strength in JD. He appears to be a talking head and now someone who has an agenda unlikely to benefit free speech cannot wait to get his hands on the reins that can gaslight new generations.

  11. Together we could end the conflict between good people on the right and good people on the left, who BOTH sincerely wish to end poverty and homelessness, by taking a second, critical look at an old idea. Setting Minimum Wage laws to $22 per hour, (with additional, regular, significant increases within limits set by CRITERIA), would cause profits and job numbers to INCREASE (not decrease). This is because the higher wages would immediately be spent directly back into the economy. Wages would eventually reach a sweet spot where additional increases would be detrimental to profits and jobs. Reaching that point is TUNED IN capitalism. The Criteria for Minimum Wage Increases should be: Regular and Significant AS LONG AS profits and job numbers INCREASE or stay the same. Capitalism can eliminate poverty and homelessness if it is tuned in correctly. To sell stuff businesses need customers who have money to spend.

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