A Yearly COVID shot is the New Normal? | FDA says so in JAMA | But What Evidence Do We Need To See?

Vinay Prasad, MD MPH; Physician & Associate Professor

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  1. "Generating antibodies" is a dumb endpoint! Pfizer could whip up a RANDOM mRNA protein and put it in their COVID shot platform and I'm very certain that antibodies would be generated since that's the immune system's job. The problem is that the antibodies are for a SYNTHETIC PROTEIN that won't do anything to encounter fighting NATURAL PROTEINS found in naturally circulating strains of viruses.

  2. Not only that the manufacturer provides that trial, but that the process and results be transparent.
    Certainly, Pfizer can't be trusted.

    And how is it that a "vaccine" that has caused deaths, neurological issues, heart issues, etc., will be injected REGULARLY!

    And how about new testing for the actual effects of influenza on society?
    I know that vaccine is a recommendation and we're not coerced, but these have been in societies for decades; maybe the risk ages have changed? Maybe only one sector would benefit? Maybe there are effective, economical treatments, and we don't need to vaccinate anymore?

  3. But Pharma pays the FDA cash moneys to avoid having to do any real research. You want to start regulating these companies now? Crazy talk. That’s not good business.

  4. I got the Johnson and Johnson vacccine and then a mild breakthrough infection in January. I'm not going to get another shot for a while because statistics show the odds of a vaccinated/natural infection immunity 35 year old getting seriously ill are extremely low. This fall I will look at some science studies and if the odds of me getting seriously ill from COVID are significantly higher than the odds of me getting seriously ill from the flu then I'll get another shot. If I can't find a good science study then I'll assume I don't need a shot. I can't follow the CDC's advice after they have made so many mistakes. I need to see the science data for myself. I'm not worried about mild cases, getting slightly ill and developing alot of immunity is not a bad thing. I don't have the data to prove it but I suspect you only need a COVID shot every few years. The odds of me getting a booster shot increase dramatically if we tweak the vaccine for these newer variants, the vaccine for the original strain is not nearly as effective as it was a year ago.

  5. The old normal was when you could play dumb to the pharmacies control of the medical community and its erosion on democracy via lobbying…

    The new normal is you are an blazing idiot, and an irresponsible traitor to democratic values to continue to ignore this 😎

    Happy Moms day – you know those ladies who put their life on hold and pour everything into the life's they are blessed to be mothers to to have industries like this poison them from infancy 🖕 psychopaths #autismmom

  6. These vaccines are too leaky. This is established science that you cannot use leaky vaccines. You are causing more problems than solving. Also non of these vaccines are even approved.

  7. This "revolving door" between the CDC/FDA and pharmaceutical companies is the same sort of thing that goes on between the EPA and chemical companies, the USDA and agriculture companies, and the Pentagon and the big military contractors. And people wonder why there is no trust in federal government agencies anymore. Follow the money. It's all about those corporate profits.

  8. After all that has already happened. Who will trust that’s it’s the same thing in all the vaccine lots, as they tell us. I will never trust these big companies.

  9. But the vaccine didn’t prevent the illness so why isn’t that the big question and what about the studies showing natural immunity as far superior than vaccinated as well as the natural immune have increased adverse effects risk after being vaccinated after obtaining natural immunity

  10. The FDA pretending to be a regulatory agency? What a lark! How about we apply the normal review process since we are not in an emergency and have not been for a while. Maybe the normal process is just as much of a joke as the EUA?

  11. "you've got to start to worry about capture"
    No, Mr. Prasad; we should have started worrying about that before agreeing to control drugs, and we should have noticed that it was happening any of the decades that it was already happening, and then disbanded the FDA.

    The FDA, along with related enabling legislation, exists to protect drug companies from the public; on net, probably leaves the public poorer and sicker by giving the impression of having objective criteria for approval and authorization, while in reality they demand those objective criteria only from the little guy, and they are satisfied with the mere papertrail scent of objective criteria for their friends.

  12. Why not wear a garlic necklace, you could contend that it was 99% effective against death from covid. Ofcourse the necklace did nothing but it wouldn't give you high fevers, blod clots and auto immune desease flair ups.

  13. I predicted very early on that there would be a push for a covid vaccine a few times a year or at least yearly. They will try and push this into the childhood schedule and everywhere they can shove it. It doesn’t matter if it works at all or how much harm it causes. The push will be on as it has been for all these different “vaccines” since the early 1800s. The vaccine religion is deeply embedded, which also is highly profitable. Pfizer, Moderna, etc., are drooling over the massive profits for this and the next “pandemic” vaccine.

  14. Vaccinations for Influenza & Covid are a crap shoot!
    The Viruses mutate so often that what is decided on when they start to manufacture a vaccine for Influenza & Covid is not what it ends up as. Just a fact. Vaccine is a GUESS!

  15. I wish Congress would call Big Pharma's bet on Total Immunity from Prosecution & cancel the Immunity. My bet, Autism & allergies, & illnesses would immediately DECREASE!
    Our Children are paying the price for their Immunity!

  16. I'll be happy with doing that if we can treat it likethe flu, make it optional like the flu shot and not have a large population worry us or have us worried about our vulnerable loved ones to have to mask and get tested. Also its weird now becauseat one moment u think thepandemic is over next moment u don't. I'm just happy i was mostly maskless at fancy club event so far feel ok. Is itbecause were all vaccinated, better air quality or just luck?

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