Aaron Mate at UN: OPCW cover-up denies justice to Douma victims

Speaking to the United Nations Security Council, Aaron Maté of The Grayzone calls out the OPCW’s ongoing cover-up of its investigation into the alleged April 2018 chemical attack in Douma, Syria.

Aaron also debunks the latest efforts by the OPCW, in a new report put out by the watchdog’s Investigation and Identification Team (IIT), to whitewash the scandal.

Video: Aaron Maté’s opening remarks to UN Security Council members, March 24 2023.

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  1. Aaron's work proves that there was political interference in scientific work. What we need to know now is which country suppressed the truth, using what mechanisms, for what purpose, and with whose complicity. Then we need to know who killed the Douma victims and why. In the meantime we need to have the leading theories and/or evidence spelled out. After 5 years, innuendo does not suffice

  2. If only we could have transparency with Govs and Diplomats around the World. The day of Truth is coming. People NEED TRUTH. It is coming fast. Thanks to TRUTHFUL people that spend their time and care to SPEAK it! 🌏🌎🌍.. Lies will die in the dark. People around the World deserve Truth. Time is Up!

  3. Very well done Aaron, Team Humanity is lucky to have you on our side.. 😉
    It makes me wonder though, about the process that allows an inconvenient truth talking person like Aaron Maté to address the SC, for a third time. Who invited him to speak?
    Obviously plenty of people want this whole event to be forgotten, so credits to whoever makes sure that it is not.

  4. What a surprise, the assorted Bond villains who run the world, continue to do what they want, and the left can do nothing but whine about it. Notice that they care less about who notices, as they move towards their endgame. Total domination.

  5. 800+ military installations in 140+ countries enables the US to ensure its gross wrongdoing worldwide will always go unpunished. But much respect to Aaron and the Grayzone for ensuring US gross wrongdoing will never go unopposed or reported.

  6. We need more UNCENSORED professional journalists demonstrated by Aaron Mate. Too many lies are exacerbated by this unconscious and anti-intellectual attitude of censorship.

  7. The Buzzsaw scything through the lies of the Oxbridge-Ivy League deep state Angloworld officials whose Syria regime change project is now in tatters – like many of their foreign policy ruses, stratagems and wheezes elsewhere.

    Hold the image of insects whose lair has been exposed to the sun scuttling and scurrying away from the cleansing light in your mind as these officials exit the UN chamber to get away from the Buzzsaw's testimony.

  8. Mind blowing corruption exposed with clinical delivery . A masterclass in real investigative journalism . Children and adults are suffering because of this corruption.

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