Aaron Maté: Biden DEFENDS Israel On State Visit, Dismisses APARTHEID Concerns

Host of Pushback, Aaron Maté, discusses President Joe Biden’s visit to Israel, and the United States’ policies towards the country.

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  1. Britain abstained from the UN vote that recognised Israel. This was the same British government that ended the empire. This was hard for me to understand as a boy based on an understanding of the situation solely from main stream media. It was also hard to understand as my family was tied to Judaism just enough to be exterminated by the Nazis in WWII – if they had managed to reach London. For far too long you had to do a lot of reading around the subject to really understand why Israel needs to be confronted and forced to take ownership of the situation they created. Those truths are becoming harder and harder to ignore.

  2. Brandon gaffes through yet another pitiful trainwreck of a performance, and none of you "journalists" cover it. Keep pretending the senile old fraud is competent, why don't you? Meanwhile, the world mocks us while Biden gives our resources to his owners, the CCP.

  3. There is no such thing as a "progressive" lawmaker. They may talk progressive. However, they all act and vote exactly like the rest of the fauxgressive, neoliberal SHlTLlBS in Congress.

  4. When our pos potus says "we" …. who's we? Are "we" building an iron dome for them? Who the F is "we"? Is Biden president of Israel or the U.S.? so… when I pay my taxes, my taxes don't go to schools, fire departments, police, or public parks? They go to Israel? ….. whos dictating who "we" are?

  5. The land belonged to Jordon before now and Egypt before Jordon. Israel did not take it from the Palestinians. Palestinians were being allowed to live there before 3 countries attacked Israel and Israel won. The moral of the story is if you want to keep your land, don't attack Israel.

  6. It is disgusting that in 2022, the only things Israel and U.S. have in common in warfare, war materials, maintaining a killing machine. Wow! How disgusting…for both countries. Neither know the word/concept of peace.

  7. We should all remember that his words aren't actually his words. He read from a teleprompter and messed up…. He is scripted and rehearsed , he speaks for the people who control him.

  8. The more I see of Aaron Mate the more I am able to dismissed EVERY. WORD. That comes out of his mouth.
    The Palestinian people are not a part of a democracy that they have stated that they do NOT want to be a part of.
    In fact, not only do they NOT want to be part of Israel but have actively supported the attack and destruction of Israel.
    Millions of people in the region do live and thrive in Israel while others huddle in their own areas and support a Govt that spends their money to buy rockets and weapons while schools, hospitals and roads are neglected.
    These people are morons.

  9. And for those who think the money is "given" to Israel–please look up where each dollar goes. And note Biden said "We have provided for". NOT given. Because it is not given. It goes right back into the US economy.

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