Aaron Maté Calls TYT “The Middle-Aged McCarthyites”

Aaron Maté joined Lee Camp on MOC for a broad discussion. Here’s the first part of the interview where they discuss TYT’s smears.

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  1. Being Jewish doesn’t make you a Zionist… being anti Zionist doesn’t automatically make you anti Semitic… those who know the history know Zionism’s basis was founded by Christian antisemites

  2. Perhaps, as I am in England, I never got TYT. They sell opinions, rather than articulate, cogent, critical analysis. It says alot that when I look to American perspectives my 1st stop tends to be Chomsky, then Redacted. Embarrassingly, I came late to Mate what an intelligent well thought out individual.

  3. Whenever i see Lee Camp i always think about him calling Jeff Gibbs racist.. It doesn’t sit well. Also at this point tyt has succeeded in keeping people from real reporting. Fuck this.

  4. It’s wonderful to see a human (Aaron) act like a human. Most of his critics would struggle and invoke litigious arguments that borderline eugenics just to avoid illustrating their “adult children of alcoholics” status…Blessing Aaron…Civil humanity trumps fascism…

  5. Aaron is a great journalist and his wayof bringing the facts and searching for the truth is actually what a honest journalist supposes to do…but sadly majority of US-Mainstream Media including theTYT Katzenberg's puppets are all sellouts

  6. CAUTION – Tuttle Twins – Free Market – Libertarian author – Y’al take care of yourselves BUT instead – Netflix-We the People.
    Republicans Caught On Hidden Camera Praising Manchin & Sinema For Obstructing Democrats
    Thank you Netflix – Sir! No Sir! – you’ve done it again.

  7. Maybe the guys that have them the 20 mil saw Aaron had made a comment that showed them up and called and told them to make a big deal out of it, bc it was definitely in response to his critical tweet but they must get a ton of critical tweets. Idk why that one would get more under his skin than any other. Maybe he really respected Aaron so it touched a serious nerve too.

  8. Aaron, Russiagate was used by the corporate Democrats to deflect from their embarrassment at being caught cheating Bernie in 2016, and anointing this corporatist and war monger Hillary, which caused this crook Trump to win.

  9. What do you mean Russiagate was about smearing Trump cause the establishment saw his as anti war machine? Trump was terrible on foreing policy, sanctions against everybody making people to suffer. Did a lot of stupid and awful things like killing Solemani, starving children in Yemen, against Palestinians, against Venezuela, Bolivia, lying about Afganisthan, betraying the Kurds. Although Maté, Jimmy Dore and similar people criticize the democratic partly correctly, they never, ever criticize Trump, that reduces their credibility because they end up looking like some kind of republicans.

  10. Biden is in Russia's pocket cuz after meeting with Putin he made a full withdrawal from Afganistan. Pfft!
    Maybe figuring out how we can all live on this ever shrinking planet in peace together is a good thing. Who cares how we get there.

  11. If I were a Syrian and had to pick between Asad and alternatives whom do you think I woild pick!! Actually l am surprised that 5% voted for opposition- groups or individuals that are supported by foreign money and have helped to turn Syria into a hellish place.