Aaron Maté Declared “Top Russian-Influenced Account”

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With 5 insane criteria, the University of Alberta named Aaron a top Russian-influenced Twitter account. His offenses? Doing things like “promoting general mistrust in institutions and elites.” He proudly accepts the award.

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  1. Nice scientism. They can't refute any of the criticisms made against NATO, Western elites, Turdeau, Neocons, etc., so instead they prattle about approaches, methodology, and data.

  2. Congrats, join the club brother. Your now a child of papa Putin. Spend your imaginary Roubles wisely. I'm ashamed of Canada. Although I do disagree with Aaron, I believe Russia is justified. They were obliged to protect the Russians in Donbass, or it would of been a massacre of ethnic Russians. 14,000 already dead and the right out acknowledgement by Ukrain that they were preparing to massively attack Donbass. Tell me what Russias choices were? Watch the slaughter as they have for 8 years or defend the people of Donbass. I believe Russia did the only thing they could. You can't negotiate with nato/nazi ideology for ever while the killing continued by Ukrainian Nazis.

  3. Oxford book of exile. A part about a couple dudes making it back to Poland. "I never let anybody go before." The letter from the Irish general in France is amazing also

  4. You do realise that Alberta Canada has one of the largest populations of Ukranian expats in the world all mainly who fled the Ukraine in the late 1800's and early 1900's from Russian and or other european power aggression so I suspect they are just a little better informed on the history and latest information .

  5. So criticising Trudeau….who by the way is an utter twat; is now "sympathising with Russia? By that logic, supporting Trudeau must mean you support radical islamism?

  6. How can NATO call itself a "defensive military alliance", if they don't have enough "defensive" weapons to equip Ukraine? I mean, Russia was their Primary Adversary the whole time. The "secondary adversaries" were just Bombed to Hell. That doesn't sound all too defensive either.

  7. I knew who you were and admired your work before this list came out, I'd seen you on other people that I follow's videos and you spoke a lot of sense, but after Medhurst posted a video about this I found your channel and subscribed, I knew your name but not this channe,l but luckily when I typed your name in it led me here. Hopefully many others have done the same as me and this stupid study has backfired.

  8. Well, you guys have been the perfect mouthpieces for the Kremlin, just like the msm has been the perfect mouthpieces for the warhawks in the US. That's what happens when you base your entire argument on contrarianism instead of doing real reporting

  9. I don’t understand how Aaron can know all, or nearly all the factors that precipitated the Russian SMO and still think that it was unjustified. Is it self preservation?

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