Aaron Mate Explains On Tucker Carlson Show What Happened With The Nord Stream Pipeline

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Written by Hard Lens Media


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  1. You guys make it real hard when you defend Russia and align with FOX & Tucker Carlson. Too hard in fact. It shows that young ppl today have virtually no memory or context of our very recent Cold War past. Ultra-conservative white Slavs are coalescing in similar fashion as AMERICAN Slav NAZIS did with Hitler's Germany pre-WW2. There are other issues where you don't have to defend actual evil.

  2. White liberals have issue with Tucker C. due to his conspiracy theories but never mention his racism, Islamophobia and bigotry that he promoted which let to people getting hurt on the ground, such people like that cannot be trusted.

  3. No-one wants to have a huge country on their border being run by fascists who completely hate your country building up a huge army equipped with the latest NATO weapons and NATO training. You can't leave that be and pretend it isn't happening for very many years before you have to do something about it, because given their far-right, racist-nationalist and neo-N@z1 politics and their open and specific hatred of your country, sooner or later they're going to attack you. Russia let that happen on their longest border with another country, the same route that Napoleon and Hitler's armies came through, for 8 years, from when the Ukrainian fascists were put into power in Ukraine by the 2014 Washington-planned coup until 2022. The Russian government exhibited quite extraordinary restraint in not intervening sooner, except to allow Crimea to join the Russian Federation. That was the result of the decision of the Crimean parliament to hold a referendum to quit Ukraine in 2014 in response to the Russian-haters taking over in Kiev and starting murdering Russians across the country immediately afterwards, notably in Odessa where ultra-nationalists bussed in from Lvov chased anti-coup peaceful protestors into the Odessa Unions House and burned about 300 of them to death, while western journalists pretended the "pro-Russians" of Odessa started the violence and the fire. It was also necessary to Russia's national security because the first thing that Washington would have demanded from its new fascist puppet government in Kiev would have been handing over the naval bases of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Crimea to the US Navy, depriving Russia's nuclear missile submarines in the Black Sea a home and in one stroke crippling Russia's nuclear detterance ability during winter.

    The second triggering issue for Russia to act after waiting patiently for 8 years for western partners to get Ukraine to comply with the 2014 Minsk Accords, was Trump ripping up the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty and the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, meaning that in the event of Ukraine being allowed to join NATO, American short range nuclear missiles could have been installed right on Russia's border, which would be too close to shoot down or prevent being fired by diplomacy in the event of a military confrontation, and stuffed with Anti-Missiles to neutralise, or try to neutralise Russia's deterrant nuclear missiles. Right before the Russian Special Military Operation began, Zelensky was at a NATO conference declaring that Ukraine giving up its nuclear weapons in 1991 was a mistake and that Ukraine would seek nuclear weapons, and not being contradicted by anyone from the west. It's since come out, because former French President Francois Hollande and former German chancellor Angela Merkel have both said so, that they never intended to make sure Ukraine complied with the Minsk Accord by talking to the Donbass seperatists about terms of local self-government to stay part of Ukraine because they only proposed the plan to give Ukraine time to arm up to wage war against Russia to conquer Crimea.

    Which is great for diplomacy to end the war, because now Russia knows for a fact that western leaders are liars who cannot be trusted and won't negotiate in good faith.

  4. I'd just like to let you know that we are on the downslope of Peak Oil. We probably would have hit it in 2007, but industry did a WW2-like effort in 2005 to use fracking and tar sands, which bought us another 15 years. Now we're sliding down.

  5. Why is Lauren part of the show? She’s an SJW airhead that is a space cadet with foreign affairs. It’s work to have to watch through Friday streams good god

  6. I've a jin rummy, or w/e now that the 'downed object' card got played 🤷 ..this one's there too, but an easy pickup if I'm honest 😅
    👍 good luck on the 19th all.

  7. America didn't take the pipeline smh, how much money is spent on Israel, who been in bed with Russia, Germany, and China etc
    That North stream comment by Biden, is taking out of Context
    It's even more hilarious how Tucker is pushed as some kind of hero in the so-called alternative media

  8. Show a little gratitude, Lauren. Tucker is getting it right, and reaching the largest audience in cable news history, AND sending his viewers towards independent media, such as your own.

  9. Petrodollar is losing ground
    Multipolarity is taking shape
    United States and nato are losing miserably in Ukraine
    Military industrial needs to sell weapons
    AMERICAn corporations want to send liquified gas to Europe instead of cheap Russian gas
    Russia and China are on the rise and the empire is setting its pants in the west
    Need I say more?

  10. Ukraine almost becoming part of NATO is why Russia invaded, if we had not kept expanding NATO and acting as though we were going to have Ukraine be part of NATO this world will probably not be happening.

  11. This girl Lauren needs to educate herself if she's going to be a commentator. This is a reoccurring thing where she doesn't know what she's talking about. She needs to educate herself for two to four years before she becomes a commentator. She needs to learn . She definitely is not educated.

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