Aaron Mate Explains The Dangers of TYT’s Lies

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Aaron Mate Explains The Dangers of TYT’s Lies

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Written by Graham Elwood

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  1. Seems to me that people have the right to dress as they wish. However if you accept that right, you must also take responsibility for the consequences i.e. if you wear a short dress with no underwear, you have to accept that your likely to show off your dew-lolly at some point. When you then work with professional comedians, you must expect jokes even if slightly rude.

  2. We've redefined Misogyny. I knew it as hatred of women; today, it has become a watered-down catchall for lewd, vulgar, or inappropriate social behavior. I think that is unfortunate, as it muddles and dilutes the conversation.

  3. I started watching Kyle because of Jimmy but there was always something about him that rubbed me the wrong way. Wasn't hurt to unsubscribe. I was only disappointed by Krystal tbh I don't know why but I just didn't expect that from her. At this point I'm only watching breaking points for Saagar. No more Kyle and friends either. I just can't support that until they sincerely apologize. Until then they've lost me. Left TYT a long time ago.

  4. I take issue with Elwood needing to shit on CK. Does he really think CK is ''Weinsteinish''; or is he simply throwing a bone to ''woke white womanhood'', in order to keep some level of gender PC decorum, lest he get backlash?

  5. Intentional damage to mental health is a crime against God and will be treated as such by God. It infuriates me far beyond the point my words cease to be logical. I wish God worked faster!

  6. So, Kyle left TYT, right? Looks like his conscience got the better of him. At least he can uncover some of the mirrors in his home now.

  7. It is indeed a shame how cowardly Kyle Kulinski has become. For example, he's yet to denounce AOC (and those of her ilk) for utterly abandoning us. You'd think one of the founders of JD would have the integrity to let his viewers know that any further donations to her have a good chance of ending up with center-left candidates.

    But for Kyle, no big deal I suppose.

  8. I think Kyle made a mistake by not leaving the TYT affiliation program in the last few years. It has caught up with him and I think its damaged his reputation. Its like birds of a feather..

  9. Jimmy and Graham are great because they want people to see the truth. Aaron and Glenn are the ones bringing the truth. TYT are the ones trying to create 'drama' while ignoring facts of the issues: Syria false flag and Assange's illegal imprisonment

  10. Kyle does a show with Krystal Ball. Krystal Ball talked before about how much she appreciated Cenk Uygur's support in her failed congressional run. If Kyle took an honest take of Cenk and Ana attacking Jimmy, it would jeopardize his relationship with Krystal.