Aaron Maté Exposes Russiagate LIES From Ana Kasparian & Luke Harding

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Aaron Maté Exposes Russiagate LIES From Ana Kasparian & Luke Harding

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  1. I remember Ana and Ben Mankiewicz doing a segment years ago, Ben Mankiewicz was talking about Trump or Clinton (I can’t remember which one) having a ‘quiver full’ of strategies..

    Ana looked puzzled by the words “quiver full”,
    Ben Mankiewicz noticed her empty headed expression, it was obvious she was confused.
    He asked her if she knew what he was meaning and Ana said…

    “Hmm, quiverfull…. they are all a quiver”
    (Whilst wobbling her head and shaking her body)

    Ben Mankiewicz just smiled wryly and said “right”
    and then he carried on with his commentary.

    It’s probably not as fun to read it as it was to watch it.

    I’m going to see if I can find it again, for my own nostalgic amusement.

    Edit— Matt Orfalea has a new video up now, it’s perfectly highlighting Ana and Cenks misogyny.

  2. Hilarious guys but you are missing the funniest bit when she says 'Putin's Expert Department' oooh the expert department, no mention of what they are experts in, as if Putin and his politicians got round a table and said 'right guys what are we gonna call my new department ' and one of his advisers chips in and says ' I've got a great idea, how about Putin's Expert Department, thar sounds great let's go with that' fucking hilarious ???

  3. An ever-decreasing segment of the Russian population continues to believe that those on the other shore truly enjoy the ever increasingly nebulous concept of democracy. The majority, however, has known for a long time that the Irving Berlin's song “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better” is the most accurate way to describe the comparison of living standards and human rights abuses between their homeland and those who vilify and desire to change it for their own benefit.

  4. Words like 'appear' are not insignificant. It may sound kinda petty when people mention it, but these words are what gives the writer of the article their 'out'. If they were actually confident in its truth they wouldn't use these words in the article.

  5. TYT are behaving just like the big MSM outlets do, ie. hypocrisy meets projection. It's just that it feels so much more offensive and vulgar when TYT do it.

  6. Went to go give Ana some shit on social media and TYT actually has a video "supporting" Britney Spears and her fight against her father. I left a msg calling out their hypocrisy on that subject, given how much they exposed her. Didn't get blocked but definitely no response from them or their followers. Imagine that.

  7. Jacobin still employ her. I’ve messaged them a complaint with her rap sheet. Others should too. Not a massive fan of Jacobin but if they want to retain any integrity they have to get rid of her.

  8. bro this critisim comes from someone who does like you and your chanell. but consider the fact that you're getting very REPETITIVE on the videos you're making like theyre almost exactly the same. if there is no new content worthy of covering its okay to make less videos.

  9. An interesting and important argument erupted on Twitter today between WSWS and Glenn Greenwald over January 6, right wing extremism and the FBI. Are you up to covering it Jackson? You can find the article on WSWS that caused GG to lose his mind, examine GG's response and try to find the truth. You seem like one of the few on YT not afraid to tackle a topic outside of comfortable borders.

  10. Vaush told me you guys were Putinite Assadist red-brown Constitution invoking nazbol dog-whistler Tucker-lover crypto-fash boogaloo Trumpist pipelining anti-squad Doreian rude boys who always use truth and proof as a license to say problematic and concerning things while disrepecting our institutions and sowing discord thruout our precious and fragile democracy while scoffing at our beloved and trusted security community and you think Medicare For All should be for just ANYbody and don't spend near enough time celebrating sex changes! Now I know!

  11. I can't believe we are still having to talk about this.
    Ana, cenk & TYT and the whole gang need to be shunned like naughty a Amish person

  12. It's not funny, it's so misleading and unprofessional. Please investigate which journalism schools these Turks went to and ask they shut down that school.