Aaron Maté: John Bolton ADMITS To Planning Foreign Coups

Host of Pushback, Aaron Maté, reacts to Bolton admitting that he has played a role in facilitating coups.

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  1. John Bolton is the biggest terrorist in the world!

    Chinese human rights activists have calculated how many wars and humanitarian disasters have been caused by the aggressive US foreign policy in the name of world domination.

    The work was published by the China Society for Human Rights Research. It is called "Severe Humanitarian Disasters Caused by US Aggressive Wars Against Foreign Countries."

    The paper says that the United States has been waging foreign wars for decades under the slogan of "humanitarian intervention". This led to huge material damage and numerous casualties all over the planet.

    The United States has staged 201 armed conflicts out of 248 that have occurred in 153 regions of the world since the end of World War II. These figures are for 1945–2001 only. In particular, the wars unleashed by the Americans in the Middle East are not taken into account.

    In addition to directly participating in wars, Washington has intervened in the affairs of other countries by supporting proxy wars (inciting civil wars and separatist conflicts beneficial to the US), fomenting anti-government insurgencies, committing assassinations, supplying weapons and ammunition, and training anti-government military forces. With all this, the United States has harmed the social stability and public safety of many countries.

    "The wars unleashed by the United States have led to catastrophic consequences, including mass casualties, damage to facilities, stagnation in production, waves of refugees, social unrest, environmental crisis, psychological trauma and other complex social problems," the study says.

    It is noted that American aggression also caused damage to countries that did not participate in wars. In addition, the States themselves often fell victim to the war they started.

    The humanitarian crisis caused by the war stems from the hegemonic mentality of the United States. Human rights activists note that it is absurd to expect a hegemonic country to protect human rights in other countries.

  2. what a surprise!! Bolton is just angry at Trump because he didn't carried out one of the many American coup HE had in mind. The Venezuela one was not his favorite coup, he wanted Trump to start the Ukrainian dirty job. He's just angry that the Biden administration has the privilege to finish up the coup in Ukraine initiated in 2014 by Noland and company and brought to the fruition with the final insult to Russia that prompted them to invade Ukraine.

  3. I love how this video of Bolton admitting to the US government organizing coups and Robbie and Briahna like "oh ya, everyone knows they do" comes out immediately after the video where Briahma and Robbie are like "nah, the FBI didnt organize the attempted coup on Jan6"

  4. John Bolton is accepted by the mainstream news as Aaron points out. Bolton goes on Fox News, CNN, and News Max and the rest of cable news. Which is why I stopped watching TV since 2011

  5. I'm not sure I completely follow Maté's train of thought .. he wants journalists to try and hold corrupt officials & abusive institutional power accountable ..?

    I mean, if you're gonna talk in code, you really can't expect people to get your point.

  6. The long list of US-funded coups to topple elected presidents is not complete without its own coup in Dallas 1963. JFK was toppled because he opted for peaceful coexistence with the USSR and Cuba, and he ordered the withdrawal of US troops from Vietnam. LBJ reversed the order, four days after the assassination. JFK was the last US president to oppose the military/industrial complex. The 1985 Miami court case – Hunt vs Liberty Lobby – which the CIA lost and lawyer Mark Lane won is evidence beyond all reasonable doubt the CIA assassinated JFK. Mark Lane's two excellent books on the assassination provide transcripts of the Miami court case i.e. 'Plausible Denial' and 'Last Word'. The 20 year-long Princeton University research in 2014 revealed/confirmed the US is not a democracy or a republic, it's a corporate-controlled oligarchy which serves the corporations not the people.

  7. Devious, cunning, dishonest and without sympathy. Having only empathy for himself and his own goals, would be the perfect representative to the United Nations, being a hornet's nest of psychopathic destroyers of naughty Nations and masters to the submissive. 1974, CIA obliterate Australian Democracy with MI5 playing wing man. An Allay Nation, Australia, Geoff Whitlam replaced with the Malcolm Frazer led CIA appointed Government. Arresting every US Citizen in Australia and executing them would be too light a punishment for the slithering perverted disloyal thieving United States of Arrogant Arseholes. The Government of a Nation is a reflection of the values of its people, I'm certain the phrase The Great Satan wasn't a throw away insult, you all have horns. Perhaps some of the beheadings were just deserts.

  8. Ugh. I'm not sure why anyone is surprised. First, John Bolton is the biggest neoconservative hawk that ever lived. Second, our foreign policy has supported intervening militarily in other countries for over a hundred years. Why would now be any different?

  9. Hajahahah….and they call US a democracy.ahahaha!!!!This type of things US have done around the world for decades…..this man should be in prison!

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