Aaron Maté Owns The Vanguard as Their Ambush Interview Backfires Horribly

The Vanguard invited Aaron Maté on to hash out a “beef.” Their charge: Maté “coddles” right wingers. It didn’t go very well.

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Photos: The Vanguard

Written by Due Dissidence


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  1. Dude- let your co-host speak! You're talking over him the whole video.

    Otherwise, I like your video– you're right. These guys are agent provocateurs. Stirring the pot and feeding into infighting within the left. It doesn't just divide the personalities- it also divides the people following them. We don't need this– this is the time for solidarity and coalitions! we can disagree and debate and such but trying to destroy each other isn't the thing- falling people fascist isn't the thing. Being obsessed with arbitrary terms and how people define themselves isn't the thing. Purity tests are not the thing. This is just alienating people and turning people OFF to a socialist movement– which has many faces btw regionally and internationally…

  2. It's the chihuahua comments that got me. You have earned my subscription. BTW I (personally) cancelled those clowns almost a year ago by clicking on "Don't recommend channel" (vertical ellipsis next to recommendations).

  3. Jackson Hinkle isn't right-wing. Economically he's left-wing. And on foreign policy, he is undeniably anti-imperialist. Maybe he's willing to ingratiate himself with prominent right-wingers, but that doesn't outweigh his substantive left-wing policy positions that he regularly has segments on.

  4. I don't know if some of these 'leftists' know this, but if you look at the membership of unions, you will find many many many right-wingers. You don't get things done by shunning people just because they disagree with you on some things.

  5. I was immediately annoyed by homeboy throwing up the the air quotes when he said the "Left." It's like the number 1 insult among hyper-online Leftists. "What's that? You agree with me on 99.9% of the issues, but disagree on how to approach one of these???? Clearly, you're not the 'real Left.'" cue undeserved mic drop

  6. Gotta love how Aaron talks about Jackson being censored and the Vanguard dudes started talking about Aaron "cancelling" (what normal people call criticizing) others as if these are the same thing lol.

  7. The Vanguard are boys playing at politics, while Aaron Mate is a legit journalist doing the good work they could never do. I hate to say this, but no true leftist worth their salt is going to pass up the chance to work along class lines and connect with citizens they may not agree with politically. If these cosplaying commie kids bothered to watch enough of Jackson Hinkle's work to develop an informed analysis of him, they'd have learned how he regularly references the hypocrisy of both parties; he's already stated that he knows MTG is a nutjob, albeit one with some reasonable ideas about how taxpayer dollars were going to our proxy war in Ukraine. Jackson calls Putin "based" because of his sharp critique of the West's destructive economic policies.

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