Aaron Maté SLAMS Report Alleging Putin ENDING Only Russia-US Nuclear Arms Treaty: Brie & Robby React

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave react to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to pull out of the Russia-U.S. Nuclear Arms Treaty. #putin #nucleararms #treaty

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  1. Russia did not initiate the conflict. America initiated the conflict with its illegal coup in 2014 and the subsequent eight years of civil war in the Donbass. America has ripped up countless treaties unilaterally.

  2. I can’t blame Russia for reacting to our aggression actions. Russia didn’t not initiate war with us, that is on us. Without our involvement the war never happens, and we could end it anytime. Ukraine is not nato!

  3. The Democrats are the party of War, FACT It has always been in love with War Chaos and death, the Democrats would watch Americans slaughtered in the streets for Power.

  4. This would not be happening if NATO and the US had just honored the Minsk Accords in the first place. But I have been watching the Democratic party bash Russia with false accusations since 2014 and have told many that the Democrats, and by extension Globalists, want a war with Russia. We would not have allowed Russia to absorb Mexico into the Soviet Union. We shouldn't expect Russia to tolerate Ukraine becoming a NATO member state. Trump was right to want to disband NATO.

  5. LoL…..this is so gold. I guess when the bomb drops they will start rethinking voting for Biden. If that what it takes…..then Im here for it. Y'all White people are out of control. REPARATIONS NOW

  6. 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Meanwhile, Tyree Nichols was MURDERED by the very government that should have protected him and Ohio people have no clean water (nor Jackson MS) and the president is in Ukraine. And every one talked about how wonderful Biden State of The Union address was, although he addressed nothing. this government is a JOKE. unfortunately we have allowed it to continue and now it may all come to an end. in the mean time CUT THE CHECK

  7. 6:30 wow didn't expect you to actually say it. You've earned a positive mark 🫰
    Although, Robbie, you negate the gained mark and get a thumbs down. Be the libertarian you claim to be.

  8. We are heading to ww3 the opportunity for treaties and arms reduction has past, NATO and Russia only want war now and we have gone to far over the edge to avoid that now. We will all be lucky if civilisation still exists by summer

  9. There is technically no legal or constitutional reason or right to suspend any of our civil liberties or to suspend any other contractual agreements. The United States and other western nations have colluded to destroy us.

  10. Learn the historical facts Robby. We started this war in 2014 with a coup, killing Russian Ukrainians and colluding with NATO to expand to Russia’s border, ignoring all Russian overtures for a peaceful solution. Give the whole picture, not some MSM talking points! Check out Nuland’s part in all this.

  11. "A conflict to be fair, that Russia initiated" You strike me as bright, so I can only assume you are bright enough to protect your job, by coming out with this tosh.
    You DO know that despite promises not to so do, your country (NATO is window dressing for US aggression let's be honest) expanded NATO: overthrew a democratically elected government; helped their baby to visit genocide on native Russians in eastern ucraine; expanded their help for ucraine to equip and train an army of some 500,000 men within striking distance of Russia; and as late as december 2021 dismissed out of hand, a draft document for security in europe. Yet it was Russia that "initiated the coflict"
    No one who can enunciate a word of 5 syllables can be so dense as to actually believe that statement.

  12. Robby jumping in to state that "Russia started this" is absurd. NATO pushed its missiles up to Russia's border, Russia didn't push its missiles up to the United States' border. Moscow has said for decades that Ukraine joining NATO was an existential threat and would be treated as such. The Biden administration knew this and forced the situation until they got the war they wanted. WE DID THIS. The whole "it's Putin's fault" narrative is obviously absurd. They responded to our aggression.

  13. Robi, you are not correct, Putin wouldn't initiate anything if wedding not are Ukraine and extend NATO. Listen to whT Putun said: they are fighting for Russian territories which is the truth

  14. brie said thousands were being killed in the donbas prior to the newest escalation. last i saw, in 2019, 19 civilians were killed and in 2020 22 were killed-hardly thousands-UN data, also, the conflict in donbas began after russia invaded and took crimea.

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