Aaron Rodgers Deserves An Apology On Covid | Don’t @ Me With Dan Dakich

You’ll never see idiot media guys apologize for anything that comes out of their mouth – they just move on to the next stupid thing. Good for Aaron Rodgers. Good for Joe Rogan.

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  1. The American people deserve an apology…namely from the "so called" President who said this is a "pandemic of the unvaccinated"…..How many times has he gotten Covid now after 3-4 shots??? Sadly, we never will. It would be a sign of weakness….though we all know how weak he really is regardless of what he says/mumbles….

  2. I wish AR12 would have told the Packers if you make me wear this wristband Im never playing another down for you. I garontee you they would have thrown that wristband in the trash.

  3. All of us who were vilified for refusing to take the Fauci sauce deserve an apology. Those fifty one percent of Dems polled who wanted us relocated to "designated facilities" owe us an apology. Those behind the policies and mandates not allowing me in the care facility the day my father died owe ME an apology!.

  4. I have my Corona bro shirt I never took that bio weapon when it says experimental that's a giant red flag even for the dumbest of the dumb it should be I got to work too but you got to be alive to work or at least healthy.

  5. Don't LIE by taking the easy excuse, "I had to take the vaxx for work." Although everyone was coerced into taking the sauce, nobody HAD to take it.
    Sure, people lost jobs over their choice(s) to maintain bodily autonomy, but at the end of the day, everyone (including OK hosts) had a choice. Own it.

  6. Those who dare to speak against the narrative get labeled "right wing". It's actually nice for me because it lets me know where I can go for reliable information on a regular basis, and Outkick is definitely one of the places I find myself getting reliable information.

  7. If Covid happened with a different President or a different year (off election year), the political affects would never have been as serious. First, the Democrats and media found another means to bash the rightful President, and second, the national Dem machine had a reason to fix an election.

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