Aaron Swartz : Legacy Of An Internet Freedom Fighter | Counter Points

Ryan and Emily discuss the life and legacy of Aaron Swartz who was an internet freedom activist who tragically ended his own life a decade ago.

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  1. @8:14"The internet can't be free because freedom is dangerous…" In this light, it almost seems like the whole pandemic could have been a giant psy-op to shift public opinion in favor of more censorship. Hmm…

  2. I think that Ryan should write a biography of Swartz. He does a great job of putting Swartz into perspective and giving him the credit he's due. And it seems like Swartz should get such a biography.

  3. Aaron Swartz was pushed so far he killed himself, but in a way it was murder. One of the many LGBTI+ that gave their lives up for the community at large. An aspect we don't talk about, plenty of "suicides" are a little bit more complex than that. Having things for free is freedom, it is less dangerous for individual humans survival than it is for the capitalistic corporations survival – corporations derives from corpus or (dead)body. Aaron Swartz had "enemies" with power and interests to protect that power. Why he now seemed he was a head of the time, was because he saw into the loop of the game that is and was being played. The rest just needed to catch up with these facts. And still does, because the game never stopped, those with domination power still are ahead of this game. The average community is always one of not more steps behind.

  4. But was Aaron Swartz 'EPSTEINED' ? The chronology of his suicide doesn't jive with his character.

    Aaron Swartz was a public fighter. He pleaded not guilty. He would have gone to trial and fought and put into record all that he knows of corporations corrupting government. If found guilty at trial, he would have been sent home until sentencing. Of course the government and the corporations and academic institutions didn't want that trial to happen.

    If you know Aaron's character and his intellect and legal and political savvy, it belies reason to think that he would have committed suicide before his chance to fight with all eyes on him, and to put into record his message and the corruption knowing that he had a shot to win and even if found guilty, he would have gone home awaiting sentencing or appeal.

    I believe more of us should be talking about how the FBI tried to get him to commit suicide and the details surrounding his suicide. Not easy to find on the internet.

    Aaron was a massive threat to the capitalist corporate matrix we live in. People who threaten power on this level, tend to fall out of buildings, commit suicide have car accidents or are publicly murdered in the case of dictators.

  5. I didn't read this article u wrote Ryan, about Aaron, because I don't read the nonsense you come up with. But I hope u covered how Obama and his administration bullied the F out of him and his family that lead up to the suicide.
    I'll never forget the anti-bullying initiative Obama rolled out, on his high horse, emploring people to stop the harmful practice and how it can ruin lives and cause needless suicides. Not long after that Aaron's suicide happened and then all the news broke about how hard Obama used the full weight of the govt to bully this kid for months.

  6. Ironic given that Ryan Grimm is a shill for big money democrats. Pretends to support populist democrats, but when the rubber meets the road he sides with the neolibs and corporatists every time.

  7. Aaron should be part of the same breath as Snowden and Assange. I wish we could still be hearing from him. Also reddit wouldn't be the dumpster fire it is of he were around.

  8. Emily's final statement seems to go for pretty much anything nowadays, aside from the people behind the curtain, not many people seem to have something like a real vision or thought out plan.
    There definitely has been some kind of shift, and sure, every generation has their 'zeitgeist', but the modern one is more of a poltergeist.
    Sorry, can't resist a lame pun.

  9. Oh yeah, "Suicide" just like The FBI pressured MLK Jr. to commit suicide, weird how it's only those who can injure the powerful are killing themselves, never senators or CEOs.

  10. I'd never heard of him, but thank you for bringing this to me. A little bit of faith in humanity restored, because even if he didn't succeed, he was good enough of a person to try.

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