Abandoned By Congressional Progressives, Nina Turner Loses House Race

Progressive Nina Turner lost her rematch in an Ohio Congressional race with corporatist Democrat Shontel Brown quite badly, with Brown almost doubling Turner’s vote count while coasting to victory. Part of the reason for Turner’s drubbing was no doubt her abandonment by the Congressional Progressive Caucus, which reportedly voted unanimously to endorse Brown this time around.

Jimmy discusses the reasons behind the decline of Nina Turner’s political fortunes.

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  1. They all cia workers. It’s all to psych you out it’s all clear so no other party can come over and have a better life for the ppl. They get their fat greasy money 💰 that’s the end

  2. Isn't it great how politicians who align with activists the get popular always turn their backs on the activists when they actually get a shot? It's revealing that Nina went on humanist report around force the vote instead of the Jimmy dore show. And went on TYT to talk about her loss. Sorry Nina, the relationship between politicians and activists is one where you DO have to do what we say, otherwise you lose. Case and point, you just lost, because when the party obviously turns it's back on you, you have no one at your back. Why are "progressive" political candidates always paper tigers, flailing and failing or succumbing to the party? Because they think like Nina.

    And Mike saying the progressive movement is dead is the height of irony; he helped kill it!

  3. This ought to tell you Democrats something – your candidates are either disgusting corrupt sellouts or batshit crazy lunatics…..

  4. Jimmy Dore: Wouldn't it be great if Nina Turner joined us in the launching of a 3rd Party? No. Absolutely not. Unless we want to get screwed over again. It's obvious she's an opportunist.

  5. None of them seem to understand anymore that they were hired by the citizens to do what the citizens want them to do. We are their bosses and they are our employees. They don't see it that way. They see themselves as our rulers, and we are their subjects.
    AAAND! The citizens have allowed them to operate in this way.

  6. Being a Black American I admire the way you bring receits on her enforcements on her being in dorced by white supremacy and to me she is a suspect on demizing on our outcome telling Black Americans who is best for us and which party is best for us there need to be a third party

  7. I honestly don't believe Nina lost either this primary or last year. But what I believe and what I can prove are two different things. I seriously doubt a majority of registered voters in her district chose Shontel Brown over her.

  8. Jimmy, your policies has more similar values with conservatives, its how to get those policies in action is the problem, if you still dont get it then you are going to get a hard time this coming midterms. Nina lost because she is was endorsed by the squad

  9. She should just give up. Progressives feel betrayed by her and the corporate democrats won’t let her in. Where does she go know. She won’t go third party while she’s still shilling for the squad.

  10. I don’t feel sorry for her. She’s acting like she’s a wannabe squad member even after they betrayed her. Stabbed in the front. Jimmy couldn’t put it a better way.

  11. The system is rigged,how can you have .7 percent of a person? The numbers should never be a percentage when we are not broken up as a person, complete people are never going to be percent of one.

  12. I would vote for whoever isn't a diversity and equity nominee. Period. People are really really getting tired of the "either vote for the black womxn (can't define woman) or your a racist bigot" that's okay.. I'm good! Guess I'm a racist then because I 100% will never vote for ANY of these activist equity grifters…

  13. From a May 4th intercept article: “Nina is a giant in the progressive movement and we’re proud to have gone all in for her campaign last year,” Justice Democrats said in a statement. “The reality is our organization has to be strategic about our priorities as we are getting massively outgunned by Republican donors funneling millions to SuperPACs like AIPAC [the American Israel Public Affairs Committee] and DMFI [Democratic Majority for Israel] against our existing candidates.”… It's no longer an excuse. We've made it known we know that is the problem and we want our progressive reps to take it on directly even if they lose. We have oncoming generations to develop politically. If they all had the cojones to fight against the big money and make an issue of it the, way Sanders has twice proven a viable option, you wouldn't have to bend over for the Pelosi's of that sold out party. Money out, or third party, are the only options but we've continually seen that inside the Dem machine it seems it can't be done. Make a stand. call them out and let them know that otherwise a number of you will help develop the third party option. Inevitably, lack of transparency within a party means lack of democratic process. Force the vote could have worked but the machine just grinds them down. They, including Nina, talk strategy but it's not transparent to us so it's not trustworthy. Tell us what your strategy is and we'll tell you whether it's good enough.

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