Abby Martin: What Corporate Media IGNORED About Biden’s Trip To Israel

Journalist at The Empire Files, Abby Martin, weighs in on President Biden’s trip to the Middle East, and the United States selling weapons to foreign governments.

President Joe Biden gestures as he board Air Force One for a trip to Somerset, Mass., to speak about climate, Wednesday, July 20, 2022, at Andrews Air Force Base, Md. (AP Photo/Gemunu Amarasinghe)

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  1. Oh my gosh! She is the one who created Gaza Fights for Freedom? 🤮 That is such a piece of garbage! Anyone who looks at it with a critical eye can see how the information was manipulated. I’m shocked that journalists don’t critique each other more.

  2. US purpose of allying with these nations:
    Saudi Arabia is oil friend devil since WWII.

    Israel is the spear for intel in the Middle East. It’s even difficult to split when Israel have great R&D in tech, health and science.

    US sell weapons to anyone or else another country sell weapon to that group. It is what it is…

  3. Abby Martin has a wonderful ability to inspire as well as inform. Whenever I watch her in action I always end up feeling like I should do more much more! Much like Kim Iverson!!

  4. A big thank you to the Hill for bringing this to us. To me the Hill is main stream media. Abby you rock. The Hill you rock. Love to you all from New Zealand ✌ ❤ 👍

  5. 2 me this was the last bit of proof that show Abby truly is an anti semite. Never have I once heard her ever think CNN was credible. But when it comes to the jews, suddenly she can't stop screaming about how CNN verified it.

  6. It's not mind boggling, it's by design and the way to build empire. They know exactly what they're doing. We know this. Abby knows this. I understand that you all can't say it on YT. It's the gameplan of evil, immoral, disgusting ghouls who run things.. P Blinken is a soul less ghoul if there ever was one. Good Christ.

  7. First time I've seen Abby martin. But if this is the way she does journalism, she's literally at the top of the food chain for what journalists should be! I definitely will be looking for more from her

  8. With questions like that, holding the powers that be up to the light, I truly hope Abby has security herself. Those people don't like those type of questions and given the heart of the matter she was questioning about, she would be a prime candidate for them to find someone to do their dirty work and take her off the chessboard. Prayers for her protection!

  9. Admittedly I don't know much about this but what evidence is Martin providing that the Journalist in Israel was killed intentionally? I see Martin make assertions a lot and she's very good at emoting while making them but where is the substance of her claims? I've seen her off and on in videos since back when she had a show on RT, and she always had a very strong anti-Israel bias and pro-Palestinian bias with seemingly no room for nuance on the issue, I find it very hard to trust someone like that.

  10. Abby Martin builds credibility, then destroys it by bringing conspiracy theorists and sanctioned terrorists onto her show. She’s mentally ill, and to see The Hill platforming her is just sad. I guess they didn’t bother to look at her videos on YouTube. Basic vetting: not happening at The Hill

  11. There was another journalist killed by Israel within a month of Shereen. She was left to bleed to death. But she was a Palestinian. So it doesn't register anywhere. Not by msm. Not even by non-msm. Wonder why. Check Richard Medhurst's video.

  12. Grant Iran 600 nuclear warheads and have them declare a conventional war on Israel and Saudi Arabia , retalliating against two decades of terror, air raids and assassinations against Persians.
    Support them from Moscow and Beijing with intelligence, state of the art air defenses, hypersonic anti-ship missiles and artillery – and US hegemony will have shrunk again as the Persian Gulf will be shut down, and the Horn of Africa may fall 'unexpectedly' to an Ethiopia already in civil war, again – with EU naval assets trapped in the Suez.

    Let the US bleed themselves out on three fronts of the Asian continent at the same time .

    As long as one imagines US leadership like Pelosi, Blinken, Nuland, Graham, Schiff ect. , d y i n g , incinerated and radiated by a million degree – 'enlightened brinkmanship' gone wrong – everything will turn out as it should: a world without the English, American and French Revolution, the secular foundations of modern colonialism.

  13. Neocon artist are some of the most craven cowards. Youu take one look at Blinkered Blinken and you know he is no warrior, but a wimpy simp who,if attacked, would shove his wife in front of himself to shield himself from being hurt. The man would never run towards enemy fire but away with his tail in his legs and yet he would send young men to their deaths in his regime change wars, and to compensate for his own lack of courage. Same goes for Adam Schiff Chucky the shoe Jerry nadler William krystal.

  14. The Abu Akleh case is an indicator of how Zionist ambitions are conducted with complete impunity, and it is just one of many. As I write today, villages in the South Hebron Hills are being leveled by military machinery purchased with funds donated by American taxpayers. Today alone, Americans funded the brutal Zionist ethnocide to the tune of $12 million dollars. That's $12 just today! and tomorrow, we Americans will donate another $12M, and the day after, and the day after. In fact, not long ago, Israel purchased war machines and technology from the US with US funds, and then flipped it to China!!

    America, are you not sick of this? Last night, a gentleman living in East Jerusalem had his house invaded by occupation troops who fired tear gas all through the neighborhood, poisoning young children and babies. Oh yeah, almost forgot: this man of about 60 years and a community leader who runs a community center for neighborhood kids, this gentle soul was released from detention on the condition that he stay away from settlers for 30 days. Problem: settlers have taken over half of his house and refuse to leave. The homeowner was beaten by soldiers and police when he voiced his objection. This is another example of what unbridled immunity wreaks and Americans are paying more than $5 billions in tax dollars EVERY YEAR.

    Indeed, thank you to these and other journalists who report on the ethnocide of the Palestinians, please keep it up, but America NOW YOU KNOW! What are you going to doo about it?

  15. So interesting. Not meaning to judge, but just observing (impressed?). Abby Martin has the kind of confidence and ease of presence that one would guess could only have come from a lifetime of support and affirmation (aka privilege). I hope and pray she has a powerful moral core. I see her and think Daisy Buchanan. She is really gifted.

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