Abby Martin’s Speech on US Sanctions & Economic Gangsterism

Abby’s speech at the People’s Summit for Democracy, the progressive counter to Biden’s imperialist ‘Summit of the Americas’ on June 9 2022.

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  1. Please run in 24. Abby/Massie or Abby/Dore24 would be it. I don't trust other ppl just you. And refuse to fundraise plz demand free writein ballot access in all states.

  2. Most of the people were trained to believe what US want us to believe. When people like Abby try to tell the truth, most of them choose to not to believe, or not listen. So sad.

  3. Pakistan's Army officials should get a lesson from Venezuela's economic Free-fall, Cuba's Food shortages, Afghanistan's severe Femine and Sri Lanka's Civil war…

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