ABC, CNN, Other Dreg Networks Label Trumps’ Rushmore Speech “Divisive”… How?


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  1. You said "How" on the title. That is cultural appropriation of the Indian, excuse me, Native American, greeting. They have their reservations about such behavior. 🙂

  2. The Lakotas took it from the Sioux who took it from the Blackfoot.. etc. they have been offered 1 billion dollars from the government which is double the value and they refuse it because pitching senseless fit is a better option …wtf?

  3. The world makes a lot more sense if you interpret everything leftists say as projection.
    Obviously it doesn't explain everything and isn't the case 100% of the time. But it covers a staggering amount of it.

  4. He’s still a bullshitter though imo. I hate the mainstream media, don’t get me wrong, but I do think Trump is still a con man.

  5. Bad news for the so-called "native-Americans" – They lost. They can join our Civilisation anytime they like. If they don't want to, they can be thankful for their "reservations", which we had no obligation to let them have…

  6. Boy! You are so knowledgeable about so many issues. I've been watching for at least a few years and you have educated me on everything from current events, history, and the occult. Plus religion in general. And I'm older than you! You darn whippersnapper! ??

  7. You know immigration has gone to far when a large group of people think it's bad for the nation they live in to put it's people first. FULL STOP! END OF STORY!

  8. The leftist MSM(most of it) are getting desperate, so they're going overboard on the smear tactics and mis-framing of things…..which is good, as it causes more people to recognize the B-s they are being fed by them on a daily basis.

  9. 2:40 True, but such walls are easier to breach sadly.
    (Of course, that said I don't think a wall is needed or the best idea. You know what would be cheaper and easier to maintain-monitor? A sensor net of sorts with monitoring sensors every so many miles.)

    4:45 So you'd want more land under the thumb of the govt? Really really for reals?

    7:10 Just saying: I find it "funny" you call the church superstition BUT also believe in real magic.

  10. Calling for the arrest of looters, rioters, vandals and those engaged in sedition is derisive?
    That is totally fucked up.
    The mainstream media is a punchline line to a sick and twisted joke.

  11. The land actually belongs to nature and all humans should leave and go back to where they came from, some mud slurrey I believe, or the oceans.

  12. 4:26 well – i am not a leftist (and i am not even an american at all) … but actually mount rushmore was carved into a mountain standing on actually native american land

  13. I love that you pointed out this land was conquered and not stolen. I am so sick of hearing that we stole this land from the Indians. Every country has been conquered throughout history. That is just how it went down.

  14. Any company that propagandises their products and supports the left and marxist principles disguised as some altruistic narrative – I do not support. I will not buy from Amazon, Apple and globalist, lying, superficial, hypocrite companies.