ABC panel claims independent journalists are far right influencers

Lamestream media dinosaur ABC attempts to smear me and other independent journalists that outperform them as far right influencers.

Written by Real Rukshan


  1. When a threat of competition becomes real, the good ones will listen and try to improve themselves, the bad ones will badmouth and trash the opponent. People start to lose voices, a small group wealthy elites are having their voices everywhere, silent ordinary and intelligent ones found there're no platforms for them to be heard even in a supposedly democratic society, the entitled evil forces will try to use the weakness of social media platforms silencing the ones dare to question. In all this darkness, you're trying to shine a light for so many, you're a fighter! History will tell the truth. It always did.

  2. It's simply a case of money. Independent journalists are taking viewers from them..and that equals money. How do you deal with a threat? You attack it!!! $$$$ Follow the money will always offer a better understanding to the agenda.

  3. I think the most tragic person on here is the poor sucker charged with pushing the laughter track button after a supposed pun or quip. How would you know when to push it? How could you justify your worth as a human being to friends and family? I wonder how they'd react to hearing real with and humor? That I'd like to see.

  4. Upper middle class, left leaning university students. That's basically the make up of the ABC. It starts at the top, which means that anyone hired by the ABC will have the same ideological bent. Its why you do not see any conservative or libertarian journalists or articles. There are, of course, the ideological flipsides like Sky which serves up conservative soup…but at least the taxpayer doesn't fork out for it.

  5. It's so nice to see genuine independent journalists. You know someone is a good egg when you don't know what side of the political landscape that typically stand on.

  6. @Rukshan.. yesterday the ABC news did they're report about the 15 deaths in NSW.. they said "of the 15 deceased 14 were vaccinated.. only one wasn't..!!!!
    Yet everywhere all you hear is get the Vaxx!!… (I was ready to record that info in there next Covid update.. round 1pm
    They mentioned the deaths… but didn't repeat what I had heard just an hour before.?).. look at the stats in Israel..
    The majority of hospitalised with Covid have been (FULLY VACCINATED!!!… you do great work mate,. Keep at em!!..;)

  7. I never watch the Woke overpaid ABC. A disgusting organisation . To think that they exist with from Tax Payers money. Federal Govt must stop feeding them with our money
    Sell the ABC

  8. These mainstream muppets. Yeah "it provides them with content" wow gee, funny how mainstream journalists also go to these events to get "content" hypocrites.
    Our taxes fund these mainstream muppets.

  9. Nobody listens to Wil Anderson. Not even Qantas staff. Keep doing what you're doing mate. Avi I find a bit antagonistic and biased but you're objective and we all appreciate it.

  10. Independent journalists like yourselves are a threat to the BS MSM narrative. Unlike you, they have sold their soul for money. Disgusting!!