‘Abolish The Police’ Line Is Beginning To Look BAD For The Left, Even Journalists Are Noticing

A recent New York Times article highlights the ways in which reducing police presence (specifically in Seattle, during the CHAZ era) harmed members of marginalized communities, who, as Tim and Adam point out, didn’t really have a voice about what happened to him until it became advantageous to the media.

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  1. If China is willing to go to war over us moving our manufacturing back home and stopping their theft and spying, what does that say about the national security that our politicians gave away. Or the sold us out.

  2. I understand that these Mayors and Governors are voted in. BUT there should be someone (like the President) that should be able to step in and say, "you need to fix this immediately or you will be removed from office". If it's not fixed in a reasonable amount of time they need to be removed and an acceptable surrogate put in their place. WHY can't we do this???

  3. There's a difference between having a police presence and having public safety. You can have public safety without having the police presence as it is TODAY. Even the riots didn't change my mind about owning a gun…just not my style(the hand is always faster than the eye). I have a simple question for anyone…do you feel the need to own a fully automatic weapon that can also be used by the military(those are the only weapons I think need to be banned)?

  4. Deblazio walking on thin ice, remember what happened to Jimmy Hoffa 1971. He's at the bottom of the Hudson. When these EVIL elected officials start to disappear you'll know. Only way to fix the devastation caused by the EVIL doers is to remove them by citizens arrest and never mind the law, wild west style! See RATS run! See no more RATS!
    Deblazio quit snorting the white powder and return the $8,000,000 plus, your thieving wife stole! Yeah!

  5. Only dangerous criminals want to abolish the police. They stand to benefit from it directly, and so we should look very closely into the activities of democrat politicians and their families where they have supported gutting law and order.

  6. It amazes me how many Americans own guns but have received no formal firearm training at all. firearm training should be mandatory ( for ownership) and needs to be ongoing not just a weekend or week course .

  7. Adam said it best, people do not have the time to deal with this.

    This is the key difference between conservatives and liberals. Conservatives are too busy out busting their can to make things happen to work to build businesses to make businesses run; While a large majority of leftists and some liberals are merely wanting to punch a clock or live off the system, and they have all the time in the world to protest, riot and loot.

  8. Who else wants to see footage when the mob gets to the neighborhoods/homes of Fredo Cuomo, Don the Lemonhead, Rachel Madcow, Anderson Cooper and Brian Seltzer…
    The demonRats are against Church, businesses, everything BUT the riots… They are instigating a de facto civil war. Hilary was a horrific candidate that deservedly lost. Now again the demonRats have found the most disgusting, reprehensible candidates they could possibly find. They know they cannot get them elected, (at least not legitimately), so they are playing the insurrection game.

  9. I can only imagine how a gay man from the Middle East would have to have felt with that going on a bunch of cry babies that don’t even know what the world is like outside of America in his home he would be killed just for being gay, Smfh, I’m not saying America is perfect but it’s not as bad as they make it seem.

  10. Any gun owners that don't know about the NRA & all the good things they do for us should imediately go check them out! Their dedication to the 2A is amazing but so is their dedication to our 1A rights! They've partnered numerous times with the ACLU to defend us all. They trained Blacks in the Jim Crow south to use firearms in defense against the Klan & fought to restore their rights to own guns in states that banned POC from having them. They have done the exact same thing again in the 21st century when the law-abiding men & women of color in our inner cities needed protection from criminals in their own neighborhood with both the Heller & McDonald cases in front of the Supreme Court at no charge to the plaintiffs!

  11. You could open an entire network off of starting fresh and acknowledging the double standards while reaffirming journalistic integrity… People would actually pay for this!

  12. My boss told me to fill out some paperwork dishonestly so he could make more money and guess what i said,,,,,NO! I thought i just lost my job but he caved and said Ok nevermind. Lol don't let anybody make you compromise your morals.

  13. 6:25 Why not just have a flat percentage-based income tax? The more you make, the more you pay. Everyone pays the same percentage so there's no complaining that someone isn't paying their fair share.

  14. These violent riots are hurting the Dems in the polls…For months now, The Democrat mayors, Governors, and members of congress led by one Nancy Pelosi have gone out of their way to classify these RIOTS as nothing more than peaceful protests.
    It was done with a wink and a nod, as a vote of approval, please burn the cities down to the ground so we can blame Trump in November.
    The same Dems freaked out when President Trump mentioned the possibility of federal intervention to regain some semblance of order.
    Now that their "burn it all down, to hell with the consequences" strategy has backfired. The full court press is on to blame the riots and lack of safety on the President…
    Don't let them get away with this crap.
    Vote Republican up and down the ticket.
    The AOC's, the Pelosi's, Schummers, Omar's, need to be replaced.

  15. Here in the UK, the complete heel turn the left (Labour Party) did on police funding must have given them whiplash. For years they have been crying that crime is the fault of the right (Tory Party) not properly funding them, most likely as an excuse to raise taxes, then all of a sudden they want them defunded!

  16. always someone calls themself "democratic" they are anything but.
    think about, all those dictatorships calling themself a democratic nation… or the NSDAP (nazi party) national socialistic DEMOCRATIC (a for arbeiter aka )workers party
    and the DNC ? the aprty of slavery ? the party of the KKK?

    now that i think about (and i cant speak for all partys in all countries) but i really have a hard time to find anything that calls themself democratic that really is.
    if its a state or party