‘Absolutely plastered’: New bombshells unveiled in Paul Pelosi’s drink driving saga

Fox News has revealed Paul Pelosi was “absolutely plastered” the night he drunk drove home from a dinner party where he recorded an “0.8 per cent blood alcohol level or higher”.

A source told Jesse Watters at the time of the crash the House Speaker’s husband had “red/watery eyes was unsteady on his feet and his speech was slurred”.

Mr Pelosi is scheduled to be arraigned today in Napa County Superior Court on charges filed in May.

It has not been confirmed whether Mr Pelosi will face court in person or if his attorney will be representing him.


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  1. 🫡I guarantee you mr. Pelosi had a CCW and was carrying a concealed weapon at the time while under the influence of alcohol but he has yet to have his CCW revoked which it states as a standard while consuming alcohol you are not allowed to be in the control of a firearm 🇺🇸

  2. The corruption of the liberal machine has no end this is just another example how they just ignore the laws and values this country was founded its disgusting how they just change the rules for themselves when any other American would have been charged. They caught him right there at the accident Drunk and loaded destroyed vehicles multiple injuries, But seeing as he has Queen liberal corruptor at he gets a pass!! Why should anyone else follow their laws with the examples we are given on how they respect the law. They are turning the US into Venezuela.

  3. I am quite sure if somebody sober would have called the police they would have picked him up and driven him home? Complete with flashing lights,sirens and video coverage as well as autographs all around an HI FIVES!!!!

  4. Yep, if this was your kid or family member, they would throw them to the wolves. They would squeeze ever last dime out of you they could get. You know, all the associated businesses related too this, ect. ect. that make money off this. You are nothing but a cow to milk, say mmmooooo.

  5. This is sooo not right. They manage to keep covering everything up. And keep getting a free ride. He injured people and just matter. Really.. when is enough, enough When needs to end.

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